Wednesday, February 07, 2007

He's All Done Growed Up

Shout out to Jeff! who has become a regular diarist at Kos.

Dude, you so rock the front page.

Shorter McJoan

Senator Webb, will you allow your son to be the last man to die in Iraq?

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Talk to me:
"How can you say the invasion of Iraq was exactly the right thing to do to keep this country safe when it clearly was not, you god damn selfish arrogant vile loaf of stinking fascism?"

I think I'm in love.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

An Open Letter To Peter Daou

Dear Peter:

Please tell your new boss that it's equivocating bullshit like this that's pisses off voters like me -- a Democrat looking for some dogdamn leadership.

While she did not directly chastise Republicans for Congress' failure to increase the minimum wage, it was clear her criticism was directed at the GOP.
Clear to whom? The "Value Voters" Hillary's sucking up to so they'll vote for her in 08? Man, please.

Listen, voters on both sides of the political spectrum see right through Hillary's campaigning schtick; her cringe-inducing pandering for the 'religious' votes is as obvious to everyone as is the high hilarity of GW Bush "the cowboy."
For Clinton, it is a difficult tight rope to walk as she continues to talk openly on faith and religion without speaking directly about the controversial social issues.
Peter, trust me on this: Hillary's no Flying Wallenda.
But like Rothenberg, Green believes that Clinton does "have some religious credentials."
You see what I mean? Note the word "some" from the above statement. Nobody's fucking buying what she's selling. No. One.

Shorter: If Hillary doesn't get real, right the fuck now, mine is just one vote she won't receive Nov. 08.

All bestest,

Flip Flop! Flip Flop!

Lieberman was against wacky lefties before he was for them.

What's that saying....about lipstick on a pig...

Go Ned!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ain't Feelin' The Love

Hey Hey Ho Ho

Holy Joe has got to GO!:
You might not know that some of Connecticut’s largest unions endorsed Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) on Tuesday night in his primary contest against businessman Ned Lamont. Not with some of the things they said about him.

“I hope that after this is over we can get Joe Lieberman, all of us, even the ones that get along greatly with Joe, and beat the s- - - out of him,” said Ken Delacruz, Metal Trades union, quoted by WTNH, the local ABC affiliate.


Lieberman’s views, especially on Iraq, “will splatter our banner with the blood of innocent people,” said Bill Shortell, vice president of the Central Connecticut Labor Council. “No. No. We’ve got to go with Lamont.”

Ouch. That's gonna leave a mark.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh For Fuck's Sake

The White House is going ape shit about an article published in the NY Times because it makes them look like the crooks they are, but the White House had no problem spoon-feeding shit sandwiches to a hungry Judith Miller so that she could help them get their war on?

Give me a motherfucking break.

PS. Thank you O Snark Gods. Rush's LimpGate is the best laugh I've had in a long time.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Crashing The Crashing The Gate

So last night I attended Kos's book signing at Tower Books here in Sacramento.

First off: Kos is as so many of his friends describe: friendly, funny, personable, informed, and looks twelve-years-old.

The crowd was standing room only, the tiny landmark bookstore packed with Kos's fans, all thrilled to be there to hear what Kos had to say about his and Jerome's book, about his experiences with the Democratic Party Establishment, how he thought Colbert's WHC's dinner schtick was "fuckin' funny", all glad to be there to hear Kos speak --

except one guy. One loud-mouthed pathologically-egotistical-democratic-party-establishment hack.

The hack stood next to me, behind the 4-5 rows of seated guests, holding his darling baby girl in front of him as he chastised Kos, er, spoke ... for a twisted sort of protection I suppose. Had he not had his child as sheild, I imagined he would have worn a T-Shirt with pictures of fuzzy puppies emblazoned on the front, for you see, the hack wanted everyone to believe he was 'sensitive to the issues', that he was 'one of us', 'speaking up on behalf of true progressives everywhere', only challenging Kos on Kos's turf because Kos wasn't giving his audience the straight party dope, which is to say Kos wasn't discussing the democratic party through rose-colored lenses. What was standing next to me last night folks, was a walking, talking, live-action real-time Concern Troll.

I'd heard about Concen Trolls, but I hadn't ever come into contact with one. If you don't know this type of person, they say things like:

"Trust the party establishment, they know best."
"Good things are happening in the party; don't be so negative or it'll hurt 'us'."
"Being angry won't do the party any good. "
"Blah Blah Play Nice Blah Blah."

On and on and on went the Concern Troll, about how he knows best, his 20 years' experience tells him he knows best, how we must support the establishment or be marginalized. Blah blah blah.

When Kos changed subjects, Concern Troll took his message to the guy to his right, annoying all of us in the back because all we could then hear was him blathering on about his vastly superior knowledge of what's best for the party until I, and several other attendees, gave him the evil eye that said STFU!, followed by a resounding shhhhhhh!

I've never shhhhhhhed anyone. But I fucking well did him. What an ego that guy had! So jealous of Kos. So wanting a packed bookstore of adoring fans of his own. Pathetic.

At one point, Concern Troll and Kos got into it because Conern Troll couldn't wrap his bald head around the difference between total votes and percentages -- back and forth they went, the tension between Kos and those in attendance and Concern Troll getting thicker by the nano-second -- until several folks finally said to Concern Troll, "you aren't getting it! Time to move on." Or as the woman seated in the last row, closest to me and Concern Troll said, "Are you done yet?"

And under his breath, Concern Troll said to the gentleman to his right: "I consider Markos a friend. He's just being a fucking asshole for his fans." Penis envy, anyone?

Aside from Concern Troll, it was a great event. Seeing Kos in person, hearing him talk about his and Jerome's experiences on the road while gathering the materials for the book, their meeting other progressives, his funny stories, was definitely worth the price of CTG.

As soon as I got home with my new book I did what any other political junkie would do.... I got on line and read one of my favorite blogs.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Patriot Act