Friday, September 16, 2005

Crackity Crack

As I listened to Bush's speech last night ... okay, listened isn't entirely true as I had to mute the tv here and there cuz it's just too fucking painful to hear Bush yammer on for longer than a few minutes at a stretch (and what's with the jaw grind thing? Is he back on Cocaine? We know he's insincere, but .... any body language specialists out there care to enlighten -- what's a jaw grind mean?) I had to wonder how his winger base would react to what amounted to a very LBJish / liberal position -- $200 billion to feed, house, clothe, medicate, the poor? The poor?! Blacks?!!!!! I thought, Damn, the Freepies are going to flippie -- they went bonkers last week over the $2000 debit cards for Katrina's victims, how in the fuck are they going to stand by their man as he doles out billions of dollars to those people?

Some aren't. As Salon notes, there's cracks in the Bush foundation:
Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn -- last seen working a crossword puzzle during the confirmation hearings for John G. Roberts -- bristled at Bush's plan for a $200 billion reconstruction effort. "I don't believe that everything that should happen in Louisiana should be paid for by the rest of the country," Coburn told the Times. "I believe there are certain responsibilities that are due the people of Louisiana." South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint chimed in that "throwing more and more money without accountability . . . is not going to solve the problem."


Why are Republicans, who have spent the better part of five years marching in lockstep with their president, suddenly going sideways on him? Part of it is the president's unpopularity, and part of it is that Bush is -- relatively speaking -- a short-timer. He needs to put on a big show of helping the Gulf Coast to recover from his stumbling performance in the early days of the disaster, but he'll be enjoying his retirement on Trent Lott's new porch by the time the bill comes due. Members of Congress will have to deal with the financial ramifications down the line -- especially if they ignore them now -- and they aren't necessarily happy about picking up the tab then to get Bush out of a jam now. As one senior House Republican official tells the Times, "We are not sure he knows what he is getting into."

Oh, Bush knows, and like always, he doesn't give a fuck. He is the say-whatever-do-whatever-to-save-his-political-ass-guy -- the neocon's puppet -- short-timing to save face until his tour is up and he gets to go home and clear brush in 105 degree heat -- Home.

I've a feeling those GOP Congresscritters who are pulling back now are going to widen the distance between themselves and the WH every day that the 06 elections draw near. Don't you?


At 10:16 AM, Blogger Jeff Huber said...

Hey, Cap, welcome back!

My prediction is the neo-conmen will use the Katrina deal to make another run at Social Security.

Just saying.


At 10:56 AM, Blogger Capitola said...

Hi Jeff--

Thanks for the welcome home.

Social Security? Oh, boy. That would be lame, seeing as NO ONE FUCKING SUPPORTS it except the neocons. Like that ever stopped them before, right?


Hey, congrats on the article at eplurb... very cool!

At 1:55 AM, Blogger Bob Sakowski said...

"short-timing to save face until his tour is up and he gets to go home and clear brush in 105 degree heat -- Home."

When the incompetent bastard is run out of the White House, he will sell his "ranch" faster than you can imagine. It was, is and ever will be just a prop for the worst man ever to reside in the White House. Ever.


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