Saturday, August 20, 2005

Wacko In Waco

Waco Tribune Herald:
After the nearly hour-long prayer vigil, about 30 ordained and lay clergy took a letter to state troopers and U.S. Secret Service agents manning a blockade down the road from President Bush's Central Texas ranch.

The group was informed that no one was available to accept the letter, which called on the president to bring the troops home from Iraq. The clergy members then placed the letter and sprigs of carnations on the ground at the feet of a state trooper.

“I think if we wrote a letter (that said), ‘We support Bush,' 100 percent, we would be inside,” said Juan Torres, whose son, Army Spc. John Torres, was killed on a U.S. base in Afghanistan under questionable circumstances.

Earlier in the day, about 50 people from Oklahoma and Georgia arrived near the gates of Bush's ranch and dropped off 32 white bed sheets signed with names and messages of support for the president. A White House staffer accepted the sheets, which were tied with yellow ribbons.

“The president has something tangible to hold on to. He has supporters,” said Valerie Duty, a local Republican who helped coordinate the effort, dubbed “I Give a Sheet.”

Stupid is as stupid does.


At 12:14 PM, Blogger Jami said...

the thing evoked by "white sheets" in conjunction with the south is not a good thing.

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Capitola said...

Good point!

Can you believe these people?

No doubt you've heard about the winger "You don't speak for us, Cindy" tour... I was thinking, since Camp Casey has moved miles closer to Bush and the good people are now on private property -- won't the cops hold the Tour Idiots to the 5 mile away mark like they did Cindy and Friends before that nice man offered them a place to camp? The Idiot Tour won't get anywhere near Camp Casey, will they? They could always bloviate in front of the Peace House, but that's private property too.

Just what does the Idiot Tour hope to gain? The media may carry their message -- We Support Bush blah blah blah -- but what's after that? Unless there's a confrontation -- which they're probably itching for -- who will give them the time of day once they're rah rah speech is made?

I just don't get these people!


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