Sunday, August 21, 2005

Now We're Talkin'

Bush's Watergate.

Wilson had debunked the administration's claim that Saddam Hussein was attempting to acquire a form of uranium from Niger to make WMDs. Wilson had to be discredited because, if the Niger information were false, it cast doubt upon many of the other intelligence claims made by neocons.

If special prosecutor Fitzgerald is going down this road, certain prominent figures could be indicted for obstruction of justice and/or for lying about classified national-security matters to Congress and the American people. Perhaps that is why leading neoconservative spokesman Bill Kristol said that Fitzgerald "is the problem for the White House; we have no idea what he knows ... "

The worst possible scenario for the administration would be if it turns out that the Niger documents in question (which all now agree were forged) were fabricated by individuals who may have had a motive for getting us into the war. Shadowy figures previously linked to the Iran-Contra scandal have been mentioned as possible originators of the forged documents.

If there is any truth to these charges, the lid will blow off Washington — and the Bush administration will be history.


Pauken is a former Reagan official who served as a military-intelligence officer in Vietnam. He also was chairman of the Republican Party of Texas from 1994 to 1997.

Please oh please oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let Fitz be working this angle.


At 6:27 AM, Blogger Jeff Huber said...

This is pretty much what I thought Fitz's investigation was about from the beginning. That would kinda/sorta explain why it's gone on for so long, and part of why Fitz has been so close mouthed about what he's up to (though he's been that way his whole career).

We shall see.


At 8:29 AM, Blogger Bob Sakowski said...

I suspect that the reason the White House seems off its game regarding Cindy Sheehan, the fiasco in Iraq, etc. is that they are sweating Fitzgerald and his Grand Jury.

Likely they are trying to decide what to do about him before he drops any bombshell indictments.

At 8:57 AM, Blogger Capitola said...

Yeah, Team Bush definitely screwed the pooch when it came to 'handling' Cindy. Bush could have diffused the situation on her first day -- now the movement has taken on a life of its own and there's nothing Bush can do to quell the swelling ranks of angry Americans asking those pesky hard qweschens.

I'm soooo looking forward to the day Fitz hands down indictments. They're coming, they have to be ... all this time, the leaks here and there ... it's going to be goood! I hope.


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