Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Huffington Post

No doubt like you, Dear Reader, I visit Arianna's House regularly, but wow! her contributors are on fire lately. Bush this, Bush that -- evil, bad, crazy wannabe cowboy-- I particularly liked Justin Frank's arm chair medical diagnosis:
Although I would never make a medical diagnosis without examining a patient, I feel confident in my observation that George W. Bush is a new kind of bi-polar: the poles being indifference and destructive violence. His indifference to families who lost their sons and daughters in Iraq is now writ large – thanks to Cindy Sheehan and an ever-increasing group of parents who demand that Bush explain the "noble cause" for which their sons and daughters continue to be maimed and killed in Iraq. As Sheehan told the press on August 12, Bush has more time for Republican donors than for talking with bereaved families camped outside his Crawford fortress.

Because Bush’s public appearances are so controlled and staged, it has been hard for all but the most trained observers to see clearly what a danger he poses to Americans and our way of life.

Can I get a hell yes?! While I dig a good Bush Bashing as much as the next pinko commie, and at the HuffPo there's plenty to satisfy me, a section of Jeff Key's post was very disturbing and sad:
The "W" stickers are plentiful on base, as you can imagine. A lot of them buy it hook, line, and sinker. Most of the guys are awesome people, but as odd as it seems, they are not very informed politically. One of the young men I talked to this weekend didn't even know the name of the Vice President! Can you believe that? If things continue on the track that they are going, this young man could very likely die because of Dick's (et al.) antics...and the boy didn't even know his name.

FUCK! (that's for tas)


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