Monday, August 08, 2005

Given No More Notice

As George W. Bush steps over the body of her kid:
Q Is the President going to meet with the mother who lost a son in Iraq, that's been camped out in front of his ranch?

MR. DUFFY: The President has met with Ms. Sheehan last summer, and as we've said, the National Security Advisor, as well as the Deputy Chief of Staff met with her and other mothers for 45 minutes.
Wow. He spent a whole 45 minutes (split time between the families) with Cindy and other mothers of fallen soldiers. What a guy!
Q Why won't the President meet with her? I mean, she's camped outside -- I mean, is he at all worried that he's got this mother, someone who lost a kid in Iraq, she's camped out in front of the ranch, both -- I mean, from a PR side of things, but also the substantive -- listening to her -- I mean, why won't he meet with her?

MR. DUFFY: The President did meet with her in June of 2004; he's met with hundreds of families of the fallen. They are private meetings. And he was glad to meet with her at that time. We always mourn the loss of every life. And as I said, he's met with hundreds of families of the fallen.
The irony is sickening. These fucking murderers don't even hear the words they speak. Hundreds of families!
Q Trent, on Ms. Sheehan, what was the White House's message to her in the meeting with her over the weekend?

MR. DUFFY: As I said and reported, that Mr. Hagin and Mr. Hadley listened to her concerns.

Q Did they -- what was their response to her? I mean, did they welcome her concerns, did they --

MR. DUFFY: It was a private meeting. As I said on the wire call, she suggested and expressed on more than three occasions that she was very appreciative for them coming out.

Memo to Duffy: Cindy's not there to see Bush's ass-wipers. She wants to see the shit-stained Diaper Boy himself.

And she isn't going away. No matter how many 'top advisers' sit on the pavement to chat her up.


At 8:46 AM, Blogger ScottW said...

"steps over the body of her kid"

Capitola, are you losing it ??

I suggest "kicks her rotting son's dead corpse to make sure this isn't some liberal media ploy to distract the president from his brush clearing campaign".

At 9:55 AM, Blogger Capitola said...

You, sir, should not make a funny when I've just taken a sip of hot coffee! Bad ScottW, bad.

Your suggestion is duly noted!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get a napkin and clean my monitor of this morning's caffine.


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