Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Fun With The Freepies

Or, When Freepers Heads Explode

Better still.... When Wingnuts Eat Their Own

Sacramento Radio Winger Eric Hogue dissed his fellow Sactown Wingers Move America Backward, er, Forward for their stupid fucking bus trip to Crawford last weekend (What do we want? War! How many dead? Who cares!), calling the move "another attention grabbing 'stunt' for their web site and future political campaigns."

As you know, Freepers don't like facts, truth, or anything resembling reality, especially if the one getting in their grill is one of their own.

After her ignorant offerings, she was exposed and marginalized. Sheehan decide to return to California and tend to her mother's ill health, leaving Crawford, Texas before the end of August. When she left - she was done. The story was fading, and her 15-minutes of fame were pushing 16-minutes, and the MSM news clock was looking for another angle to their anti-Bush, anti-military agenda.

Then, out of nowhere, 'Move America Forward' arrives to carry the water for the Cindy Sheehan story while she is licking her self inflicted wounds in Los Angles with Mommy.

MAF creates the caravan and the media 'camera candy', the story finds new life and Cindy Sheehan returns to her tents in Crawford with newly found emotions and victim hood.

Two weeks ago, Sheehan was a past tense story, waiting for the last line of newspaper ink. Today, now she has been returned to her endorsed 'Rosa Parks of the Iraq War' role by the self promoting organizers of MAF and those who desire a photo opportunity for their Congressional race in California.

We blew it folks...it was a dead story, and we breathed life into it again. We will live to regret this effort. It has afforded the MSM, Hollywood and the Left a spotlight they dreamed for.

All for the cause of a web site's (MAF) desire to raise money, gather an email list for future political campaigns, and name recognition. What a shame.
For once, I'm a believer. Check out this vastly amusing Freeper comment:

I listened to Melanie Morgan on her radio show this morning. She spoke about how there were many many reporters covering the event, and yet none of them dared to show any footage of her at all. I think the event was another attempt to out the MSM as Lefty partisans.

19 posted on 08/29/2005 12:58:28 PM PDT by Political Junkie Too (It's still not safe to vote Democrat.)

heh. Melanie didn't get any media love. Poor baby boo hoo. If you're so inclined, you can show Eric some hippy pinko commie Liberal love here. It's all about attention, dontcha know?


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