Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Death Is Not Suport

Sacramento, CA.
Conservative activists and military families embarked on the tour Monday, calling it "You don't speak for me, Cindy!" A verbal confrontation erupted when the caravan arrived in Sacramento and was met by anti-war protesters chanting for Bush to bring home the troops.

Sheehan supporter Dan Elliott, 71, confronted caravan members by waving a sign reading "Death is not support" and heckling one of the tour's organizers as she addressed the crowd.


Some caravan members called the anti-war protesters communists and said they were "aiding and abetting the enemy." Those comments enraged Sheehan supporter Dee Ann Heath, who said she has two sons serving in Iraq and another preparing to leave.

"I don't support the war, but I support my sons," she said. "I simply want them to come home."

Here that? We're commies, aiding and abetting the enemy, all because we don't want any more human beings to die is Bush's war of aggression.

How fucked up these wingers are.


At 2:42 PM, Blogger GHM said...

Cindy Sheehan posted to her blog again today and I have a few questions for her. I have posted comments to her blog asking questions but for some strange reason they never get past her censorship. As always, I will use quotes…

“Bringing our troops home from the quagmire that he has gotten us into will be weakening the United States? George: even if you pretend you didn't know that Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction and Iraq was not threat to the USA before you invaded, Americans know differently.”

Ms. Sheehan, whether you like, dislike or are ambivalent to an individual It is incredibly impolite to use first name only when you are not on a first named basis with an individual. I would not presume to call you “Cindy”. In fact judging by the tone of your recent blogs using the first name only of George Bush was meant to heighten your disrespect, you earn no points there, you are obviously not a well-mannered individual regardless of your feelings.

“Why don't you channel some courage from my son and come down and face me. Face the truth. Your house of cards built on smoke and mirrors is crumbling and you know it.”

Here you call him a coward, not in those words but you know exactly what you meant. Again, not the way to get things done nor is it the way civil human beings talk to one another. You keep losing points in the etiquette category. Ms. Sheehan. I tend to listen to other views and try to keep an open mind on issues; you are doing nothing but pushing people farther away (except for those who are closed minded like the extremes of both parties).

“I didn't go to Crawford to meet with Steven "Yellow cake uranium liar" Hadley or the other "high-ranking" official they sent out. I went to meet with George. Does he get that yet? I did meet with him 10 weeks after his insane and arrogant Iraq war policies killed Casey and 9 weeks after I buried my oldest child. George: things are different between you and I now.”

Yellow cake uranium liar???? Now you are getting completely irrational Ms Sheehan.

“I never said I did. I want one answer: What is the "noble cause" MY son died for. There are also dozens, if not hundreds of families from all over the country who want to know the same thing.”

Dozens possibly hundreds… which is it Ms. Sheehan? Dozens, hundreds or America, which is quite a bit more than either of those two figures.

“A Democratic Constitution? Is anyone else insulted that he thinks we are stupid and think that the Constitution they will form in Iraq will be democratic and ensure equal rights to all citizens? Does anyone else know what "democratic" means? It simply means majority rule. Not some high-minded, free-floating, pie in the sky ideal. It means 50 percent plus one. Up to 62% of Americans think our troops should be coming home soon. That is a majority, so why don't we force our employee, the president, to do what we want him to do?”

Possibly because the United States of America is not a democracy but a republic. Majority does not rule in the US and never did. We elect representatives that take everything into account when making decisions. If it was majority rule 50% plus one could vote to open hunting season on any given group of people and it would become legal. That is a democracy… want one?

“Another sham election where the country is shut down for the day and no one knows what the heck they are voting for?”

Sure sounds like the USA….

“As hard as George is working riding bikes and taking naps? If he cares so much about an Iraqi Constitution, why doesn't he take some time from his busy vacation activities and read the US Constitution. He may find out that he started an un-Constitutional war in Iraq. He may lose some sleep over it. (What am I saying?)”

Please back that one up. What exact article of the U.S. Constitution is being violated and how?

“Amen to that George. You got one thing right. Thanks to you and your lies the people of Iraq are suffering from a tragic and unnecessary war and my son was violently killed and ripped out of the heart of our family.”

And how many Iraqi families have you talked to in Iraq to form that factual statement? I have gotten the complete opposite opinion from service men that constantly hear from Iraqis that they are grateful we became involved.

“Then bring our troops home.” Then she said, “This is the biggest smokescreen from him yet. I didn't ask him to withdraw the troops,”

These contradictory statements were within a paragraph of each other. Which is it Ms. Sheehan?

“His policies of preemptive wars of aggression for power and greed don't bring America safety, either.”

What additional financial income has George Bush received from this war? How exactly has his net worth increased? That after all is what the “greed” part would indicate.

“How does he honor the soldiers by killing more of their buddies? People say Casey is ashamed of me and I dishonor his memory! I knew my son better than anyone on earth and I know he is appalled by the continued carnage in his name.”

If your brave son feels or felt that way why did he re-enlist?

Ms Sheehan, please answer these questions. America wants to know.

At 3:31 PM, Blogger Jeff Huber said...

ghm, another Pavlov's Dog of War.

They know not what they do...

At 4:26 PM, Blogger GHM said...

Jeff, How articulate you are. BTW, where was the "support"of the war in that post? Oh, never mind, anyone that does not agree with you or would rather have a civil dialog to answer these questions must be a "Dog of War"

At 11:06 PM, Blogger Capitola said...

Hi ghm--

Thanks for stopping by.

For what "nobel cause" did Casey Sheehan die?

At 7:16 AM, Blogger ScottW said...

Huh ??
I tried to read your post, but it's far too 'wanna-be' sarcastic.
We all know it's a republic and blah, blah, blah. Even your fearless leaser calls it a democracy. It's the accepted nomenclature.

I think the point is simply this, the prez would not have ever, ever, ever mentioned an individual protester by name and continued to use her name to defend his policies, a year ago. This is happening because everyone who actually get their news from non-Fox and non-AM radio outlets knows we were lied to.
Should we stay or should we go might be the $64k, I mean the $259 billion question, but we were lied to, that is not debatable.

And one last comment, ever notice how the pro-war team never has an original thought, ever. And I am quoting, "aiding and abetting the enemy". Come on, we all know the right has you guys programmed, but at least come up with something original. And something that actually takes some sort of deductive reasoning. Give me an original thought as to why the protesters as so damning.

It's all right rhetoric, they are simply setting up someone to blame when we pull out because people are sick ad tired of the absolute incompetence of the people running this war. Ever notice that the right is in charge, but EVERY single mistake made is someone else's fault. Has gwb made a single mistake in this war ??


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