Thursday, August 25, 2005

CircleJerk of Death

President Shitstain sez that he'll stay the course in Iraq so that those servicemen and women who died will be honored by the servicemen and women who die after them. Spc. Joseph "Joey" Hunt, 27, of Sweetwater, and Sgt. Victoir P. Lieurance, 34 of Tennessee have died and so now two more servicemen or women must die to honor them, and they'll have two friends die, and they'll have two friends die, and so on, and so on...

The Hunt family issued a statement:

"Joey was a true East Tennessean who was proud of his family, hometown, state, and country. He enjoyed being involved in the many outdoors activities available in Sweetwater, and he always did so with a beaming smile on his face," the family said.

Hunt visited with his family while on leave in June.

"During that time he shared many stories and photos during his service there. He summed up his feeling during his break that it wasn't easy being there, but that he and his fellow soldiers were proud of their service to their country," his relatives said.
Hunt had two sons — 5-year-old Caleb and 3-year-old Josh.

"They don't have any idea what's going on," Hunt's aunt, Pat Thomas, told WATE-TV. "They went to be with their grandmother, Joey's mom, and she was just holding both of them in her arms. And they kept saying, 'Why are you crying, Mamaw? Why are you sad?'"

Lieurance leaves behind his wife, Penny, and four children, two sons and daughters.

Both his parents said their son's death makes their once-wavering opinions about the war in Iraq much more clear.

Andre Lieurance referred to Cindy Sheehan, the California mother of a slain soldier, who recently camped out in front of President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, in opposition to the war.

"She didn't speak for me. Now she does," the father told The Knoxville News Sentinel on Tuesday. "I'm with her. I believe we were lied to. (My son) did what he was supposed to. Bush didn't."

That sound you hear is my heart breaking.

Blonde nod to AHiddenSaint.


At 7:52 AM, Blogger Jeff Huber said...


For every one of them we kill, we make to more of them.

For every one of us they kill, we send one more of us for them to kill.

I don't remember reading anything in the War College about that being a way to win a war.

Pen and Sword

At 4:46 AM, Blogger Poor_Statue said...

It makes my heart break, too.


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