Monday, August 22, 2005


Deep breaths. If this means what I hope it means, that John Edwards might soon come out swinging over Team Bush's Iraq travesty ... I'll burst from happiness. Go, Johnny go!

I was a Johniac in 2004, and not just because he's a bona-fide babe. I likes em smart, real smart, brilliant does it for me everytime, and John's got brain-matter in spades; don't even get me going on his yummy accent... but I digress!!!!

If John Edwards goes for Team Bush's jugular over Iraq and announces his Presidential run for 08, he'll get my unwavering support, my money, and my vote.

update: yes, yes, I know, Dear Emailer, that Edwards voted to authorize force in Iraq -- but whataya gonna do? If John Edwards stands at a podium and sez that he was misled by Team Bush, that he trusted his President and that his President lied to him, to America, that he never would have voted the way he did if he knew then what he knows now, and because he did vote yes when he should have voted no he'd like to put a boot up Bush's ass, well, fuckinA right John Edwards will get my support, my money, my vote.

John Kerry will not. Been there, done that, and that spanking still smarts.


At 1:16 PM, Blogger Jeff Huber said...

You might have something there, Cap. And Edwards may have benefited from the experience of the 2004 campaign without having been damaged by it the way Kerry was.


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