Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Spin, White House, Spin!

The continued stonewalling by Bush and Co., over Rove's my-bad is only making matters worse for them, and I'm loving it.
President Bush, at an Oval Office photo opportunity Tuesday, was asked directly whether he would fire Rove in keeping with a pledge in June, 2004, to dismiss any leakers in the case. The president did not respond.
I'll bet he frowned. I'll bet he smirked. I'll bet he looked like a complete moron sitting there and saying nothing while the cameras clicked away. I'll bet he looked like he did on September 11th in that classroom in Florida: lost.

And what of Scott McClellan? Notice yesterday that he didn't defend Rove or Bush; he refused to talk about them, about "it." Why? Not because 'someone' has instructed the Press Secretary to go mum. His gums have been flappin' for two years now. No, War Room speculates it's because Scottie has his own ass to keep from getting fucked:
McClellan refused even to say who Karl Rove was. But it wasn't just Rove that McClellan wouldn't discuss Monday. Scott McClellan wouldn't say much about Scott McClellan, either -- including, for instance, whether Scott McClellan himself has consulted with an attorney about the Plame case.

McClellan's reluctance to talk is understandable. Back in the fall of 2003, McClellan made it as clear as he possibly could that Karl Rove wasn't involved in the outing of Valerie Plame; he called the allegation "ridiculous" and said that there was "simply no truth" to it. As we know now, there's a lot of truth to the allegation and not so much truth to McClellan's denials. But is McClellan's sudden refusal to talk about the Plame case driven by something more than Rove's legal problems and McClellan's own embarrassment? Maybe.


...is Rove guilty of obstructing justice? Is McClellan guilty of conspiring with him to do so? We've got more questions than answers on this front for now. Did Rove lie to McClellan when he said he wasn't involved in the Plame leak, or did McClellan lie to the press about what Rove told him? Was the Justice Department conducting a criminal investigation into the Plame leak at the time Rove spoke to McClellan? Could Rove have anticipated that McClellan would be appearing before a federal grand jury in the Plame case? Did Rove tell other potential grand jury witnesses that he wasn't involved in the Plame leak? Did McClellan spread the story about Rove only at White House press briefings, or did he share it with other potential grand jury witnesses in the administration? And when McClellan himself appeared before the grand jury on Feb. 6, 2004, what did he say there? Did he say that the Rove allegation was "ridiculous" when he was testifying under oath? Did he tell the grand jury that Rove had told him that he wasn't involved in the leak?

Those are the kinds of questions that McClellan and Rove and any other White House officials involved in the Plame story might want to be discussing with a lawyer just about now.

Am very much looking forward to today's briefing!


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