Thursday, July 07, 2005

So Much Awful News

So few hours to read it all. Begin with the Daou Report and worlds colliding. On the London bombings, reactions from the Left and the Right:
Losing the War on Terror
"There is no one responsible for today's attacks on London except the murderers themselves. But it should be clear to everyone that we are losing the war on terror.... I've grown so weary of listening to the president and his minions pretend as if they are the only adults in the room who have any sense when they castigate liberals for wanting to use police powers in order to catch these people rather than armies."

War Must be Declared on those Against us
"Pamela aka Atlas says BASTA! Enough hand holding, appeasing, talking "their" talk..........THE BUSH DOCTRINE................either you're with us or against us. I say, first Declare War on Syria with our Coalition (Brits, Japanese, Baltic Nations, Israel, Australia) with a tactical approach to moving into Iran. The young people Of Iran (75% of the population) will rise and fight with us."

From Salon's War Room:
...even if we hate to admit it, we found ourselves thinking pretty quickly this morning about what the London attacks will mean for George W. Bush.

We're sure that the president, like all of us, is deeply concerned for the victims of the attacks -- the families who have lost loved ones, the hundreds of bus passengers and train riders who have suffered injuries, and the 7 million Londoners who are suddenly feeling the kind of shock and vulnerability that the residents of New York and Madrid know all too well. And yet, it's hard to imagine that Bush and his advisors aren't feeling something like a sense of relief this morning, too.

With the need for a strong stand against terrorism fading from our TV screens and our national consciousness -- a Gallup poll released late last month showed that only 35 percent of us fear an imminent terrorist attack, the lowest number since 9/11 -- Americans were beginning to look at what else the Bush administration had to offer, and they weren't happy with what they were seeing. They weren't satisfied with the economy, they were alarmed by the president's plans for Social Security, and -- despite the president's repeated protestations to the contrary -- they were thinking that the war in Iraq was a mistake in the first place and wasn't worth the 1,751 American lives that have been lost fighting it. The president's approval ratings were tanking; as of last week, 53 percent of Americans disapproved of the job Bush was doing, and that was before they came face-to-face with the notion that he may get to replace Sandra Day O'Connor with an anti-abortion extremist or began grappling with the news that Karl Rove may have been the one who broke the cover of a CIA agent for the president's political gain.


With attacks on America's closest ally -- on people with whom Americans can identify -- Bush gets the benefit of the fear of terrorism without the risk of having to take responsibility for letting it happen again here.

The president, still in Scotland for the G-8 summit, just spoke briefly about the attacks. He sent his condolences to the people of London, and he reminded Americans that he's doing everything he can to prevent attacks back home. "The war on terror goes on," Bush said, and it was hard not to think that he likes it that way.

Shit. Shit. Fuckityfuckshit.


At 12:43 PM, Blogger Jeff Huber said...

I can't say this enough. Our strategy is clearly failing, and the Bush administration refuses to recognize it.

But watch them use the London attacks to whip up suport for "staying the course" that has failed for four years.

And don't expect Rummy's Yes Men Generals to stand up yell hell about it.


At 12:56 PM, Blogger Capitola said...

Like minds, you and me.

For Team Bush, the War on Terra marches on -- they care not that they're marching in circles.

When a suicide bomber blows up himself/herself on a crowded US street or bus or subway or filled-to-capacity sports arena or McDonald's, will the American people wake up to Bush's failed policies?!

How many more must die before the course is changed?

At 9:43 AM, Blogger Jeff Huber said...

Too many. The way we're going, this will never stop. Which is why we'll keep going the way we're going, I fear.



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