Thursday, July 21, 2005

Politics For Dummies

Guest blogging at Loaded Mouth, mgdupont wonders...
Is it right to be alarmed that I (and the bulk of my friends and family) am more intelligent than the Leader of the Free World?

It is my personal preference to be led by people who are, shall we say, my intellectual superiors. So you can imagine my continuing dismay. I am dismayed that my President speaks in cowboys-and-indians terms about soldiers killing and being killed, and smirks while he does so. I am dismayed that he attempts to deny and spin videotaped statements he made about firing dishonest staff members. I am dismayed that half the country is NOT dismayed! How can he be fooling any American with a brain?

I responded that the world is full of idiots and Dittoheads who wouldn't understand a complex issue if it indicted them, and that being the smartest person in the room is basically, the burden of intelligence. Little did I know at the time I posted, that yes, I was correct, the stupids are all around us, and they like to advertise.


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