Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Idiocy Crown

To George W. Bush for reckless endangerment of the planet

MONTREAL (CP) - The United States will face tough competition from Canada on Friday but this time it has nothing to do with hockey or softwood lumber.
The two countries are going head-to-head for top honours at the World Stupidity Awards, where doofuses get their due.


Bush dominated last year's awards, taking the stupidest man prize and the award for reckless endangerment of the planet. Nerenberg admitted the organizers do limit the number of categories featuring the controversial Texan.

"He would essentially be nominated in every category had we not interfered," Nerenberg said. "We want to give other people a chance. We just feel some of the other great stupidity in the world would go unrecognized if Mr. Bush was allowed to run rampant. But he is doing very well."


Besides Bush and Kuchma, contenders for stupidest man include U.S. Senator John Kerry, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and Players Association director Bob Goodenow (shared) and Conservative columnist Ann Coulter.

"Initially, we were confused but as some people pointed out, if you read what Miss Coulter writes about without looking at her picture, she sounds like the classic bigoted male," Nerenberg said.

Funny he should say that, considering some of the articles Coulter plagiarized were indeed written by bigoted white men.

Blonde nod to Em.


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