Friday, July 01, 2005

Ah Ha!

Now I get it. It being a possible known among unknown known unknowns for Brad's and Jen's tabloid d-i-v-o-r-c-e. Yeah, yeah, I know, who gives a flying monkeybutt what celebrities do, right? (Hey, if Attaturk can riff on Tom....) Why on the internets would anyone care about Brad and Jen and the unknowns behind their split?


For one second I had wondered why Brad wandered -- sure, Angelina Jolie is HOT, but so is Jen. Both women are wealthy, not as rich as Brad but rollin' in $$$ too; both women are respected actresses (okay, actresses).... and then I read this, and out came the "Ah ha!"

Jen's an idiot:

Hollywood insiders report that in an interview with Vanity Fair for an upcoming edition of the magazine, Jennifer Aniston gets all up in the face of U.N. ambassador, rival actress and purported "other woman" Angelina Jolie, accusing her of "putting a pretty face on the oil-for-food scandal."

Declaring the U.N. thoroughly corrupt and desperately in need of reform (wait, you didn't know she was an expert on the subject?), Aniston also argues the organization
"basically stood in the way of the U.S. when we needed to defend ourselves," says a source close to the actress.

Aniston also reportedly put in a plug for President Bush's nominee to the U.N., John Bolton. The actress allegedly tells Bolton to "hang in there" and not let "all the negativity" get him down.

"She knows what it's like to be the focus of a smear campaign," says a friend of the actress. "She thinks that he would bring a fresh air to an institution that is definitely in need of a shake-up, but she can also just really relate to what he's going through."
Jen and John, two misunderestimated souls. The U.N. stood in the way of defending ourselves? John Bolton is the American face of diplomacy?

Sorry, Jen. Beauty's cool, but brain's rule.

Happy 4th to my friends in the reality-based community. See ya on the flip.

Peace out.


At 2:43 PM, Blogger Drunken Proletariat said...

A very little knowledge is a very dangerous thing...

At 5:55 PM, Blogger Jami said...

she's a dittohead! i'm surprised brad lasted as long as he did. he's kind of a hippie (in a very manly, hot way).

At 11:46 PM, Blogger tas said...

Jenn looks like a 12 year old boy when compared to Jolie. Seriously. If I was given the choice of doing Jenn a thousand times of Jolie once, I know where my tallywhacker would be pointing. (Well, besides upwards...)

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