Sunday, June 12, 2005

To All John Kerry 08 Supporters

A few days ago I wrote an open letter to John Kerry about doing what he says he's going to do, just once, and BobsAdvice was to Stop Bickering! I visited Bob's cyberhhouse and think his overall message is a good one -- work together to take back our country from the radical right who controls all branches of government and is determined to bring on the Rapture -- and I responded thus:
Hi Bob--

I followed you over here from Capitol Banter.

While I appreciate your dedication and loyalty to Senator Kerry -- I've been there/done that too, giving time and money to his campaign -- Today I support the democratic party of reform.

Howard Dean speaks for me.

I don't care that John Kerry got Cs at Yale. I'd never get *into* Yale so who am I to criticize average grades?

My criticisms of John Kerry, indeed my long list of disappointments in him, are real and shared by millions of democrats...and greens and independents and progressives and moderate republicans who so hated George W. Bush's presidency that they plugged their noses and pulled the lever for the Senator from Mass. John Kerry was the nominee and everyone who wanted Bush from office "closed ranks" and voted for him.

We did what he and the party asked of us.

He didn't do what we asked and he promised to do.

Fight for the Presidency. Count every vote.

If John Kerry thinks he can win the grassroots' support and the nomination in 2008, he has a steep, uphill battle. The dissapointment is still a fresh wound, a gaping, bleeding gash that stings and burns and angers every time he says he's going to do something and then doesn't.

You should direct your finger- wagging indignation his direction, because no amount of chastising his voting block (Stop the Bickering!) is going to change history.

If John Kerry expects to get my vote in 2008, he'd better come out swinging, and stay there, soon.

I'm not holding my breath. I am, however, holding my wallet.


At 9:06 AM, Blogger BobsAdvice said...


Thank you for visiting my blog and contributing your insight.

On a side note, I lived in Sacramento for a couple of years and probably would not recognize it now...but those were good years in my life.

I like and admire Howard Dean. You will note that my post included condemnation of the religious right much in the same words that Dean spoke.

It doesn't bother me that Kerry got C's and D's his Freshman year either. Doesn't really matter where you start does it? Where you end up is far more important.

Was I disappointed by John Kerry for not insisting on every vote be counted? Yes.

But it was a calculated move on his part. I believe that John Kerry felt that this was not a battle he could win and he chose to fight another day. It was up to all of us to make that fight as well. And I do respect and admire Senator Boxer from California who has consistently been an advocate for all of us.

My only point with the post is that internal strife will not help us reclaim the House, or the Senate in 2006. Internal strife will not help us reclaim the White House in 2008.

I am an advocate for John Kerry, not for his moments where he disappointed, which, in my opinion were few. But for the strengths and positions that he advocates. I am positive that America would be heading in the right direction with a Kerry Presidency.

But if you read through my blog, you will find flattering words for Howard Dean, who I believe does speak for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party.

My own record includes campaigning for Robert Kennedy in California, Gene McCarthy, George McGovern, and even Jerry Brown.

I worked for one Republican in my political volunteer efforts, John Anderson, who I volunteered for in all places, Sacramento, California!

Regards from Wisconsin.


At 6:14 AM, Blogger Jeff Huber said...

My problem with Kerry--

I think I posted over at Pen and Sword that Kerry was the first Democrat I ever voted for. I'll vote for Democrats in the future, but hope I don't have another choice of Kerry or The Creature.

IMO, Kerry proved in the last election that he's too vulnerable to the Rovewell character assassination machine--instead of being out there swinging, he covers up against the ropes.

If he runs in '08, they'll nail him with everything they nailed him with in '04, and the results will look the same.

Right now, I think a governer like VA's Mark Warner has the best chance of winning, if for no other reason that he doesn't tote a bag's worth of congressional voting record with him.


At 8:49 AM, Blogger Capitola said...

Hi Bob--

Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I know what you're saying -- I believe what you say is true.

And I don't care what people say, but when John Kerry said he was "reporting for duty" at the DNC, I bawled like a baby I was so moved.

Yes, he's a good man, a decent man, a man who went through the GOP meat grinder and survived, even though he lost. I wish him well, and IF he is the nominee in 2008, I'll support him.


Today when I think of John
Kerry, I feel like a jilted lover. He broke my heart. Only time can heal such wound.

Take care.

Ps. Hi Jeff!


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