Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"...tell her that we've turned the corner..."

Dead, disgraced or in jail. Sounds good to me. And if it's good enough for Capone...:

At a hearing Wednesday on Abramoff's activities, Senate Indian Affairs Committee Chairman John McCain urged the Justice Department to take a close look at Abramoff's tribal billings and his movement of the money, suggesting the lobbyist may have committed mail and wire fraud.


The documents show continuing efforts by Scanlon and Abramoff to convince tribal officials that their lobbying efforts were far more extensive and expensive than they actually were.

''I think you should call her and tell her that we have turned the corner but you are pouring it on to make sure we win. Tell her as of now you are finally willing to say that we will win this, but laughingly say 'I don't know how I am going to get back all the money I had to dump into this. I hope the Golden Moon (casino) turns out to be real golden!''' Abramoff suggested to Scanlon in an e-mail. ''That will set her up for a discussion about payments.''

Turning the corner. Where the fuck have I heard that bullshit before?


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