Monday, June 20, 2005

Ellen From Dallas

Gets it:
“You, as well as other mainstream media outlets, have missed the point entirely of the Downing Street memo[s]. Which is that Bush lied to the American people and to Congress and to the [United Nations] about going to war with Iraq. He constantly said the war was the ‘last’ option. It wasn't for him. He was going to go to war with Iraq (for whatever reason) come hell or high water. These memos have been the only honest, forthright history we've seen of this war. The bottom line fact is that Bush lied … When will the media outlets get pissed because Bush lied? When will the media finally be able to see right from wrong? You certainly had no problem with it when Clinton was president. You were like a dog on a bone with that. I'd love to see the mainstream media go after Bush with the energy they went after Clinton. This isn't just another story. We've lost citizens, had our country bankrupted and had our reputation around the world destroyed. When are you going to remember that you're Americans first, and Bush lackeys second?”



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