Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Riddler

Seeing as the chickenshit cowards at the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs scrubbed Galloway's testimony from the official website while leaving up every other one, this post at Democratic Underground made my morning:
Dear Democratic Elected Officials of the United States
(with damn few exceptions),

I am writing this open letter to call your attention to the remarks made yesterday, May 17, 2005, to the United States Senate, by British MP George Galloway of the independent Respect Party. I do this because he serves as an example of why your party should be abandoned by the U.S. working class, by U.S. women, by oppressed nationalities in the United States, and by anyone who professes to be a progressive or a leftist.

George Galloway did that for which you have proven incapable; he spoke as an opposition. Since there seems to be a great dark space in the middle of your heads where the notion of opposition should be -- a void filled by parliamentary molasses and the pusillanimous inabilty to tell simple truths -- I suggest you all review the recordings of Galloway's confrontation with Republican Senator Norm "Twit" Coleman to see exactly how effortless it is to stand up to these cheap political bullies. While you are at it, you can watch your colleague Carl Levin demonstrate exactly what I mean about most of you and your party, as he alternately hurls petulant cream-puff insults at Galloway and kisses Coleman's stunned, clueless ass to give that toothy dipshit some comfort in the wake of Galloway's verbal drubbing.

Galloway didn't have to walk up to the docket and slap the cowboy shit out of Coleman -- though I admit I still struggle with my own secret urges to do just that with most of the air-brushed, combed-over, Stepford meat-puppets who now people the United States Congress. No, all Galloway had to do was tell the unvarnished truth, and it had exactly the same effect. If Democrats had half the spine that Galloway does -- if you would stop chasing your creepy little careers through the caviar and chicken-salad circuits of duck-and-cover American political double-speak, then not only would people like me not be calling for all to abandon the Democratic Party and take their fight to the streets like good Bolivians -- not only that, but you'd have won the last election.


You don't deserve anyone's support, not even as a tactical matter any longer, because you end up doing ritual verbal combat then giving the "cornpone Nazis" of the Republcan Party any goddamn thing they want. That’s why Galloway rhetorically spanking that soap-opera-looking shitbird [ed. note: !!] was the most satisfying thing many of us have seen in months.

That's exactly why some of us are saying go Bolivian on their asses. Tell the Democratic Leadership Council to eat shit and die. Stop working, stop obeying, block the streets and highways, shut down the capital, and watch them choke on their own sewage. If Americans weren't so bewildered by television, so addled and soft from junk food and cars and electronic appliances, and so addicted to their own cultural superficiality, they might begin organizing general strikes: women's strikes, workers strikes (without union bureaucrats to calm them down), Black people strikes, Brown people strikes, info-tech strikes, eco-strikes, all working our way up to One Big Strike.

It's a ways off, but it's coming.

Especially if, as my friend ScottALib wrote recently, a Draft is instituted to take on Iran and Syria:
It's a double-edged sword, a two-way street, a devil's bargain, whatever the right expression is. It was, however, the unifying element in the anti-Vietnam War protests. It united people of all ages and brackets - sons, daughters, parents, grandparents, rich, poor, middle class, everyone - because it was an equal-opportunity employer and everyone was in the pool. We hated Nixon as much as Johnson because we hated the war and we hated the draft, and it didn't much matter who the President was as long as they kept the war and the draft in place. The war was happening halfway around the world, but the draft was happening right there in your neighborhood. It made the war a very immediate thing.

Excuse me for a minute, I'm off to practice Duck and Cover.


At 1:51 PM, Blogger Jeff Huber said...

Funny how things disapear off the web, Cap. Some months back, I found a letter on the Project for a New American Century site literally demanding that Clinton put "boots on the ground" immediately to oust Hussein. I made a mental note to go back and use the letter in a piece on the origins of OIF when I got around to it.

I should have copied the letter and pasted it into a Word document. By the time I got around to working on the article, the letter--signed by Robert Kagan and Bill Kristol--had disappeared from the site.

I'm guessing the letter got omitted right around the time Kristol started criticizing Rummy for his conduct of the war.

Nice people we're dealing with.



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