Monday, April 25, 2005

Something Wicked This Way Comes?

On CNN's crawl this morning was something about fake hospital inspectors coming under suspicion -- nothing else about it was covered in the time it took me to get ready for the daily grind, so I Googled the story once I got to work:

The FBI and other law enforcement agencies are looking into incidents in which people masquerading as unannounced inspectors were found poking around three hospitals in Boston, Detroit and Los Angeles.


In the first, a well-dressed man and woman were stopped by a security guard at a Los Angeles hospital about 2 a.m. They showed badges similar to those issued by JCAHO and asked to be let in. When the guard asked for more identification, they retreated, saying they were at the wrong hospital.

The second incident occurred three days later at a hospital in Boston. A well-dressed man described as being 35 to 40 and of South Asian or Middle Eastern descent was stopped about 3 a.m.

"He seemed to have some authority about him, and again when pressed for identification that person fled the medical center," Cappiello said.

About a week later, a woman was found in the maternity ward of a Detroit hospital. She identified herself as a Joint Commission surveyor but fled when staff members asked more questions.

Nefarious theories, anyone? Did the wingers whip the Godly crazy-faithful into a feeding tube frenzy and ala McVeigh they're readying 'activist doctors' for the rapture, one hospital at a time? Is al Queda looking for mass casualties or maybe viruses to poison our food or water supplies?

These times, they are a'changin'.....


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