Thursday, March 24, 2005

When Wingnuts Eat Their Own

The Schiavo Spectacle or The Passion of Terri as sMelL Gibson will doubtless title his next pandering-to-the-evangelical-freaks-project, is fracturing the GOP and I'm loving every fucking second of it.

Kos points us to Conservative blogger John Cole's meltdown:
Sick bastards- defining losing your wife as a 'gain,' but all is fair in politics, right? And that is what this is- politics and symbolism on the right to life battlefield. I have said it before- this is jihad for these folks. They don't give two hoots in hell about Terri Schiavo- this is about abortion, religion, and most of all, about power and control. Their concept of morality is king, you see- your behavior in the bedroom, your choice in sexual partner, your desires about end of life decisions, abortion, even the medication you use to ease the pain when you are dying of terminal diseases- their religious text should have authority over you, and if all these 'small-government strict constructionists states right's advocates' have to attain that through government proxy, so be it.

And he blockquotes Cornerite's John Derbyshire's case of the vapors at having to agree with *gasp* the Left:

One of the depressing -- I am not being facetious, it really does depress me -- features of the past couple of days has been watching the talking-heads left-right programs on the telly and wishing I could cheer on the righty -- the side of any argument I would instinctively support -- but not being able to.

Watching Hannity & Colmes Tuesday night I found myself nursing a devout hope that if I ever enter a persistent vegetative state, Sean Hannity is nowhere in the neighborhood.

And let's hope Ann Coulter is there with him. Michelle Malkin, too. Oh, and the Rev. Jerry Fallwell. And Delay. And Frist. And that nutjob preacher I saw ranting on CNN this morning. And all the idiots behind the nutjob preacher with their disgusting Save Terri signs. ...


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