Friday, January 21, 2005

Kill Hubble?

Under Team Bush's command, science suffers another fatality.
WASHINGTON - The White House has eliminated funding for a mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope from its 2006 budget request and directed NASA to focus solely on deorbiting the popular spacecraft at the end of its life, according to government and industry sources.

NASA is debating when and how to announce the change of plans.

Outraged Hubble-huggers are debating how to save the eye in the sky, thinking of creative financial fixes, and I thought Paul Breen of San Diego had a good idea:
"Let's 'adjourn' the war in Iraq for two weeks. The money saved would be enough to service the telescope."

Sorry, Paul, et. al. Hubble's going to the scrap heap not for financial reasons. Preznit Bush just doesn't want God peeking in on him; he's been very a bad monkey.


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