Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Fuck You Manjoo

David Livingstone, the righteous guy behind Black Thursday, has a message for Salon's Farhad Manjoo who poo-pooed on Not One Damn Dime Day:
Wall Street and the Republican Party must be pleased to know that Farhad Manjoo's got their back whenever anyone questions their "entitlement" to consumer dollars. Manjoo's "Not One Damn Bit Of Good?" War Room entry displays just how much he doesn't get it -- and how useful that makes him both to Dubya and to advocates of glorious, unbridled consumption.

As the initiator of a corollary initiative to NODDD,, I was -- unlike Manjoo -- in a position to evaluate the efficacy of the project firsthand. Manjoo makes the same mistake in evaluating the boycott as Sean Hannity did: He assumes that the primary goal is immediate economic impact. Nah-uh.

The "boycott" was a means to a variety of ends, namely: media visibility for anti-Bush forces concurrent with the absurd bacchanalia of his recoronation; media attention to the reasons for the opposition (in my case, due airtime was accorded for discussions of WMD and the lack thereof in Iraq, the assault on Social Security, election irregularities, and other issues); an opportunity to reintroduce millions of nonactivist Americans to the concept of a boycott as a political tool that literally anyone can use; and an opportunity to gather names and marshal forces for further initiatives in months to come (already in the works).

Did it work? I can only speak to the effort I was involved in, the comparatively modest smaller sibling to NODDD, Black Thursday. By my estimate, we managed to reach at least 10 million Americans with our message, via our Web site, the Associated Press and other newspaper articles, and broadcast appearances (notably Hannity & Colmes and miscellaneous cable news broadcasts). Not bad, considering a total out-of-pocket expenditure of $40 and a scant 22 days' lead time prior to Dear Leader's day in the sun.

In contrast, Farhad Manjoo -- like so many naysayers throughout the ages -- seems to have relegated himself to the unenviable and marginal position of sniping from the sidelines. History, I would like to remind him, rewards those who act more than it does those who stand and sniff haughtily at the efforts of others.



At 7:43 PM, Blogger Farhad said...

Come on -- you can do better (and I'd expect you to) than printing someone else's comment with a "fuck you" headline and a "yeah" as your only addition, no? If you feel so strongly, it stands to reason you'd have more to say. Otherwise you're just polluting.... So let's have a discussion: How do you really feel?

At 7:53 AM, Blogger Capitola said...

Why mince words.



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