Friday, October 29, 2004

OsamaTV Round 1: Team Kerry

The spin begins and the best man wins:
Round 1 in the bin Laden spin game goes to the Kerry camp. Immediately after CNN aired the new video, showing the remarkably composed, healthy-looking, and elegantly robed al-Qaida leader sticking it one more time in Bush's eye, Kerry foreign policy advisor Richard Holbrooke stuck it in the president's other eye. The video, Holbrooke told Wolf Blitzer, "raises the troubling question about why this grotesque mass murderer is still out there" thumbing his nose at America. As Blitzer tried to counter by pointing out that polls show most Americans think Bush will do a better job of protecting them against terrorism, Holbrooke quickly shot back, "If Bush is so much more effective, why is bin Laden still on the loose?"

"We should have closed the door on him in the Tora Bora mountains -- had we not subcontracted the job to Afghan warlords, we would've captured him. Now he's able to issue these pernicious threats."

For a response from the Bush camp, Blitzer turned to the AEI's Danielle Pletka, who seemed overwrought and unable to look directly at the camera. The Bush advisor took immediate exception to bin Laden's hurtful taunt that the president had spent a bit too long listening to the story of the pet goat on the morning of Sept. 11. "I'm glad to hear that Michael Moore is giving aid and comfort to the enemy," she snapped, her eyes darting everywhere but at the camera. Pletka, in keeping with the frenzied, final-days tone of the Bush campaign, then ripped into Holbrooke for trying to "exploit" the tape for political gain. "It's a lie we had bin Laden in our clutches and let him get away. And it's a lie that once we have him, the war on terror will be over." Whether this Osama-is-not-the-end-of-the-world line works with American voters is doubtful, however. Since the end of the world is precisely what bin Laden and the other berobed and bearded horsemen of the apolcalypse riding out of the Middle East keep threatening.

Somewhere, Karl Rove is shitting his pants.

Yes Mr. Preznit

Your party's over.

ha ha he he ho ho Posted by Hello

President Bush (news - web sites) pauses as confetti falls from the ceiling before the end of his speech at a campaign rally at Verizon Wireless Arena Friday, Oct. 29, 2004 in Manchester, N.H. The confetti exploded prematurely. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Don't let the White House door hit you...

Oh What A Beautiful Morning

So YT's drivin' down Highway 50 today, listening to The Morning Sedition on Air America, feeling fired-up for Tuesday, and what do I and every other commuter see on the Zinfandel overpass?

Two huge signs -- one facing east-bound traffic, the other facing west-bound traffic, one reading "Go Kerry Go!" and the other "Vote Kerry!"

Freeway Blogger's rock!

Thursday, October 28, 2004


Politics. Is. Freaking. Me. Out.

For Salon's Cary Tennis, the letters started arriving in August.

Instead of asking about unfaithful husbands and drug-addicted boyfriends, people started asking, Should I commit election fraud to ensure Bush's defeat? Should I leave the country if he is reelected? Why am I so utterly out-of-my-head about politics? Am I insane?

I didn't have answers to these questions. I needed time to think. But the election is now nearly upon us. So last week I put out a call for letters.
Cary's ebox was bombarded:

Is politics freaking me out? You better believe it. I can't read too many Salon articles at once or I can't sleep at night. I have a mental shortlist of countries where I might like to live. I have already planned to have a box of tissues available on Election Night. I keep consoling myself with the idea that there are social and political cycles and damned if we aren't in the middle of one, and "This too shall pass." [snip] -- Lisa Wright

I've been voting for over two decades and I've never been this frazzled over an election. I wake up every morning frightened that Bush will be reelected. I just can't take another four years of him, his henchmen Cheney and Rumsfeld, and his supporters, especially the evangelicals.


I feel I need some kind of plan to cope if Bush gets reelected. Medication, perhaps. I will surely need to do a lot of yoga. Maybe a support group. I don't know. I just want it to be over and Bush to be gone. -- Julia Shure

It's true, politics is completely freaking me out. I have shingles. I am 30 years old, in otherwise fine health, and I have shingles. This election has totally taken over my brain: I read all the news reports and polls. I update everyone around me constantly with whatever news I learn, and the thing is, they are already just as embroiled in it as I am. I watched all of both conventions, the debates, and the spin that followed. I believe this country is in serious trouble and really the state of the world and its future is in the balance. [snip] -- Maggie Vail

What really disturbs me is when I am driving and I see Bush/Cheney bumper stickers, I actually have to remind myself that while ramming into the back of the SUV would be wholly satisfying, it would hurt me physically and throw my financial life into chaos -- two things I can ill afford in this political atmosphere. -- Underemployed and Uninsured

Thank you, Jeebus. YT is not alone. Politics is freaking out a lot of people. Not just me. Or Atturk. Or Atrios. Or Kos. Or Loaded Mouth. Or the fine folks at First Draft. Or any of the other millions of lefty Americans who've bet the farm on this fight, this mother of all elections.

YT's been stressin'. Can't sleep. Can drink. Can't eat. Can drink. Can't hardly blog. Can drink. Whatsa militant blonde to do?

Rage against the machine, good.
Apathy, bad.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Exercising Political Aggression

Got road rage? Poor Katherine Harris. Caught canoodling a married man and now nearly mowed down on the partisian streets of FL.

Witnesses said a silver Cadillac sped through an intersection and swerved onto the sidewalk. The car headed straight toward Harris before swerving at the last minute and driving off, according to police.

Harris told police she feared for her life and could not move as the vehicle sped toward her, police records show.

Witnesses gave the car's license plate number to police, and they tracked it to Barry M. Seltzer, 46. He came to the police station early Wednesday and complained to officers that Harris' supporters had impeded traffic.

"I intimidated them with my car," Seltzer told police. "I was exercising my political expression."

Expression, aggression, silver caddies, silver bullets. It's all good, man.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Rockin' In Neil's World

Michael Moore and Neil Young, together...what YT wouldn't give to be a fly on that production studio wall!
Film-maker Michael Moore has directed a new video for Neil Young's classic protest song 'Rockin' In The Free World'.

Young will use the video as the key track for his upcoming Greatest Hits collection.

Moore has intervened footage from his movie Fahrenheit 911 with footage of Young performing the song live for the new promotional video.

This will be Young's first internationally released Greatest Hits package although an unauthorized hits set was released by Warner Music in Australia in the late 80's

The tracklisting for the album is:

1. Down By The River
2. Cowgirl In The Sand
3. Cinnamon Girl
4. Helpless
5. After The Gold Rush
6. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
7. Southern Man
8. Ohio
9. The Needle and the Damage Done
10. Old Man
11. Heart Of Gold
12. Like A Hurricane
13. Comes A Time
14. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
15. Rockin' In The Free World
16. Harvest Moon

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program: V O T E !

Monday, October 25, 2004

Philly Hearts John

Bloggers are bloggin John Kerry's rally in Philly where the Big Dog joined him, and do look now because the size of the crowd is being estimated at 250,000 to half a million!

From Salon's Quote of the Day:
"I asked President Clinton today if 'there's anything you have in common with George W. Bush?' He thought for a moment and he said, 'In eight days and 12 hours, we will both be former presidents.'" -- John F. Kerry

The freeps say Pennsylvania's red? My Pet Goat.

Yeah....Let it Be.... Kerry!

Where was I.... oh, right, I was telling you about Saturday night...

The 18th annual Bridge School Benefit concert was fantastic. Neil, wearing his trademark thrashed jeans, flannel shirt and big floppy hat, opened with Sugar Mountain, then did Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It? and then Pegi came onstage and joined him in "Field Of Opportunity." Outstanding as always.

Two chicks followed Neil: Tegan and Sara. Who? My thoughts exactly.

Peal Jam's Eddy Vedder followed T and S with a solo set. "Soon Forget" on ukelele, then Better Man on acoustic guitar, then the Beatles' hit "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" and ended with Bob Dylan's "Masters Of War" -- the first political speech of the show.

Los Lonely Boys followed Vedder. Great. Great. Great.

Sonic Youth. Loud. Very loud. Off to the wine line.

Ben Harper. The workhorse of Blaine. I've seen him several times at Bridge and this time I actually liked his performance. Sure, he's always belting out solid, dependable, predictable sets, but this time his band got him going and he sounded looser, and he seemed to get into the music. Good stuff.

Red Hot Chili Peppers rocked. the. fucking. house. Love them. But what's with Flea's hair? Good Lawd, man. The banged-pixie has got to go! He looked like my aunt Mary on stage.

Tony Bennett followed TRHCPs. Yes, I wrote Tony Bennett. He opened with The Best Is Yet To Come and the crowd of 22,000 rewarded him with huge applause. Tony, dressed in a gray three piece suit, was having a blast, bouncing and bounding all over the stage; the crowd was digging him.

ZumaRust has the down low:

Tony and his jazz combo sounded great, and got great ovations from this rock 'n roll crowd. He seemed very moved by the response. He was very lively, moving about the stage, and having fun.

Paul McCartney came out and sang a song with Tony. It was a nice moment. Paul said it was a Tony Bennett song that his wife Heather had requested to be performed at their wedding.

Then it was time for Neil's full set. It was full of great moments like he and Pegi harmonizing on "Come's A Time", and Neil dedicating the song to Nicolette Larson. They also did "Old King"! Cool! Neil playing the demented banjo part, and he and Pegi harmonizing beautifully. Eddy Vedder came out and joined them on "Harvest Moon", with Eddy adding the guitar harmonics part with his acoustic guitar. There was a nice moment when Neil referred to Pegi and Eddy, the two of them, as his best friend and his close friend.

And then finally Paul McCartney and band hit the stage about midnight (!) He opened with "Drive My Car" and played lots of Beatles' songs, including "Yesterday", "Lady Madonna", "Michelle", "Get Back", "Let It Be", and some others. One song was an early song that he, John, and George had recorded on a cheap recording before the Beatles were formed. He performed a new song he'd written. And there was also a beautiful song written after the death of John. At one point, Neil came back onstage, and he and Paul sang Neil's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart." And then at the end of his set, Paul said "And here's our last song of the night", and proceeded to pound on the piano and started singing "Babyface- you've got the cutest little babyface!", and then he cut the song off after a minute, and waved his arms at the band, a la Elvis Costello on Saturday Night Live, or Jimi Hendrix on the Lulu show, and Paul said "That's the wrong song! I think this is the right one." And started "Hey Jude", and the crowd erupted. Other performers and backstage folks came onstage and gathered around mics for the big ending of the song, with Paul going crazy on the vocals. It was incredible! Earlier in the set, after singing "Let It Be", Paul said "Yeah....let it be....let it be Kerry!" And the crowd had erupted in positive response.

At the end of the evening, Neil encouraged everyone to vote.

What a night!

Thursday, October 21, 2004


If the Republicans for Kerry versus the Democrats for Bush tallies are any indication of 2 Nov 2004's outcome, it's Kerry by a mofo landslide.

Mars, my Bitches!

Oh, and that Dems4Bush website is really, really, really fucking lame.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

To Whom It May Concern

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Daugherty respond to Mary Jacoby's Salon feature Revolt in the Ranks:
We are the proud and scared parents of a son that will be in Iraq until 2006. Four years ago we voted for Bush. This time we'll be voting for Kerry.

Shortly after 9/11, our son, Paul, dropped an athletic college scholarship to defend his country against terrorism. He believed, as we did, the tales told by Bush about weapons of mass destruction and the link of 9/11 to Iraq. Now we know the truth.

Our son has just served a year on the DMZ in Korea and will now be in Iraq until 2006.

We believe that a president should always go to war as the last resort. President Bush jumped into the war on the assumption that Iraq may attack the USA and that they maybe had WMD and that they maybe were linked to 9/11. We don't trust Bush anymore. He's an arrogant, "bring 'em on," "go it alone," little mad cowboy! My son the soldier respects Kerry because he has served his country in combat and Kerry tells us the truth.

For the sake of our son and all the men and women in the military, we beg you to please vote for Kerry. He is a man of diplomacy, respect and maturity that can work with our allies to plan for peace.

Support our Troops. Vote Kerry.

And The Winner is....

Yesterday Salon held a captioning contest, and the subject was thus:

Surprise! Turd Blossom isn't well liked.
One reader, recalling that old joke about a hundred lawyers going over a cliff, suggests: "A good start." Another channels Creedence Clearwater Revival: "Big wheel keep on turnin'." A respondent who values brevity offers "one word, baby: justice." And a day-dreaming writer asks, "Why do I always wake up before the good part?"

There were topical jokes: "There must be a flu shot around here somewhere." There were typical jokes: "Wheels come off Bush campaign." And there were strategy jokes: "Stay the course! Everything's fine," and "Hey, watch me divert more media attention away from the fact that we lost three straight debates." There were state-of-the-race jokes: "If the Supreme Court won't stop John Kerry, I will!" Digs at Republican campaign tactics: "Abandoning his earlier 'loyalty oath' requirement, Bush now sifts true supporters from would-be hecklers by asking them to lay down on runways as Air Force One lands." And, of course, there were jokes about whatever that was on Bush's back: "OK, Mr. President, just roll the plane forward a bit and we'll press this bulge out of the back of your jacket."

But we're not living in a Sept. 10th world anymore. We all know what it takes to win the war on terror, and a whole lot of you knew exactly what it would take to win this caption contest. That's right: "Let's roll."

A post that slams Rove and has NC (that's Neil Content to the unawares), Kerry's up in the electoral college -- good morning all!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Win One For the Hummer

No, Dear Reader. The October Surprise isn't Monica. I'm talkin' about Father Hummer:
In Chillicothe, an Appalachian town south of here, Mr. Kerry attended a specially arranged Mass at St. Mary's Church on Saturday, where the priest, the Rev. Lawrence Hummer, delivered a stirring — and decidedly Kerry-friendly — sermon.


"There are many people who think that the destruction of Iraqi life is as direct an assault on the sacred as is the taking of unborn life," he said in his homily. "There are many people who regard the death penalty as an admission of the smallness of our nature rather than evidence of our greatness. There are many people who think that the right of health is as important as our right to security. There are many people who think that encouragement through all patience is preferable to the violence of arms."

Father Hummer also expressed sympathy for Mr. Kerry's predicament as a worshiper in a fishbowl. "Even when he comes to the church of his youth, he finds many ready to attack him for acknowledging reality rather than playing God," he said. "Let the brother be at peace here; he is among friends."

This was no disinterested priest, however: he quoted Mr. Kerry's slogan, saying, "We have heard the clarion call — hope is on the way."

And when the service was over, Father Hummer offered a kind word that came close to an endorsement: "God bless you," he said. "And win, will you?"


He's Rubber They're Glue

Good gravy. Bow-tie Boy and the Crosshairs Babies' panties are still in bunches over Jon Stewart not being funny on their show and like, he was being all mean and stuff.

Oh, yeah?
"They said I wasn't being funny. And I said to them, 'I know that, but tomorrow I will go back to being funny, and your show will still blow.'"


No Regrets

In response to David Brooks' latest excuse for dirtying up otherwise clean computer screens, NY Michael at AMERICAblog kinda-sorta agreed with the over-paid scribe, that Kerry's brass-knuckle responses to the Bush Slime Machine's sucker-punches, were "fear-mongering" and "scattered" and that,
Brooks is right. You don't beat the Republicans by fighting just as sleazily. You beat them with sober facts and calm, consistent leadership.
YT respectfully disagreed. We've two weeks to go. This ain't no fucking Congeniality Contest.

YT has no regrets for saying harsh truths. If a smackdown is good enough for the next First Lady, it's good enough for everyone.

Teresa Heinz Kerry says she doesn't regret any of the remarks she's made during the campaign season, although she concedes that some of her comments didn't always come out exactly the way she intended.

"I have not said very much at all except people repeat it but what I have said, I meant to say," Heinz Kerry said Tuesday during an appearance on the daytime talk show "The View."


"My intent and my expression is real, but the actual use of the words may be out of place," she said.

Heinz Kerry also said undecided voters should favor her husband in the presidential race "because he's an optimist, because he likes ideas, he likes complexity."

She said her husband is decisive, even if he sometimes spends too much time deliberating.

"Anybody who went to war and stayed alive and protected a whole bunch of men and they stayed alive can do well," she said. "He maybe deliberates a little longer than he likes, but deliberation is not a sin in a complex world, I don't think. And he does take action and he does believe in public service."

She concluded by saying, "If I had to be in a foxhole, I'd like to be with John Kerry."

Me too.

He Speaks

Neil Young has a bit of advice for us Americans:
Aging rocker Neil Young, sporting a "Canadians for Kerry" button, concurred: "I only hope that you [Americans] do the right thing and get this guy out."

Rusties, you have your marching orders.

See ya on Saturday, Neil!

We're All Going To Die!

So sez Dick Go Fuck Yourself Cheney if you cast your vote for John Kerry.

This concludes MaryCheneyIsALesbianGate and her 15 minutes of spin. Team Bush is back to their regularly scheduled fear-mongering and sliming of American democracy.

Heil to the Chief!

Blood Sport 2005

On November 3, 2004, when John Kerry is declared the victor over the evil Deceptacons, a new battle will begin. According to Pat Buchanan, who endorsed Bush yesterday despite being opposed to the war, to the deficit, to immigration, but "some conservative is better than no conservative," a Kerry win will have Republicans eating their own. Pat sez,
...a 'civil war' will immediately break-out for control of the Republican Party – neoconservatives verses conservatives.

Tickets? YT wants tickets! Ohhhhhhhhhh, the infighting, the backbiting, the leaks, the destroyed reputations, the public humiliations. I. Can't. Wait.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Cat Got His Tongue

[insert falafel joke here]

Blessed be the event that shuts up Bill O'Reilly. 1 minute. 1 hour. 1 day. Whatever. Just shut him the hell up already.

Even if it takes a cool sixty million:
Fox News Channel's star host Bill O'Reilly has canceled a series of TV interviews to promote his new children's book days after a former producer accused him in a lawsuit of sexual harassment, his publisher said on Monday.


Promotion of the book got caught up in the shower of publicity over a lawsuit brought against O'Reilly last Wednesday by an associate producer, Andrea Mackris, who accused the commentator of pressuring her to engage in phone sex.


"Because of the intense media scrutiny Mr. O'Reilly is currently facing, he and HarperCollins have jointly decided to postpone the final media interviews planned to promote 'The O'Reilly Factor for Kids,"' the publisher said in a statement.

"We hope hope to resume the book promotion with Mr. O'Reilly at a later date and we wish him well during this difficult time," it said.

Translation: Bill's book has died. His publisher has regrets.

Richard Benedetto Is An Ass Face

Here's hoping that when Richard ego-surfs, the above Google's up and causes him chest pains. Check out a Loaded Mouth reader's exchange with the USA Today bastard-people columnist:

From: [anonymous]
Sent: Saturday, October 16, 2004 3:30 PM
To: Benedetto, Richard
Cc: USAT ED Letters to the Editor;
Subject: Truth and Lies

Why is it that you are covering Kerry's mentioning of Mary Cheney with such fervor yet you are not talking about Bush's whopper of a lie about not caring about Bin Laden's whereabouts?

Why is it that Kerry's truth is making bigger headlines than Bush's lie?

KERRY: Six months after he said Osama bin Laden must be caught dead or alive, this president was asked, "Where is Osama bin Laden? " He said, "I don't know. I don't really think about him very much. I'm not that concerned. We need a president who stays deadly focused on the real war on terror.
SCHIEFFER: Mr. President?
BUSH: Gosh, I just don't think I ever said I'm not worried about Osama bin Laden. It's kind of one of those exaggerations.

Exaggerations? Cut to a March 13, 2003 press conference:

Q: Mr. President, in your speeches now, you rarely talk or mention Osama bin Laden. Why is that? [...]
BUSH: ... I don't know where he is. Nor -- you know, I just don't spend that much time on him really, to be honest with you [...]
Q: Do you believe the threat that bin Laden posed won't truly be eliminated until he is found either dead of alive?
BUSH: As I say, we hadn't heard much from him. And I wouldn't necessarily say he's at the center of any command structure. And, you know, again, I don't know where he is. I'll repeat what I said: I truly am not that concerned about him.

Much of this whole election year has been based on "Terror terror terror." Yet you turn away from it the second it should really get coverage. The Mary Cheney statements should have gotten next-to-no press because you should have been busy talking about the biggest lie about the biggest issue of our times (or so you, the media, says.) Your taking of the bait and distractions that Lynn Cheney put out is infuriating and disappointing.


From: Benedetto, Richard []
Sent: Saturday, October 16, 2004 12:04 PM
To: [anonymous]
Subject: RE: Truth and Lies

more proof that the Kerry people are worried about the Mary Cheney comments. This is organized stuff, not a random email by someone who read my column


[no header provided for her reply]

Did you accidentally hit reply instead of forward? Don’t discredit my email by saying I’m a robot who is lead by an organization. I’m a lesbian and I can tell you that the only people angry by Kerry’s comments are Lynne and Dick Cheney who are probably embarrassed that their daughter is gay in the first place.

Why did you not address my point? Maybe because you didn’t actually reply to me.

So, we on the left are 'worried' about Kerry's Mary Cheney-is-a-Lesbian comment, because we're complaining that Bush is a pathological liar.

This reality-based community-livin' shit is hard, hard work.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Kerry By 5-1

It's official. The New York Times is givin' its love to John Kerry:
Senator John Kerry goes toward the election with a base that is built more on opposition to George W. Bush than loyalty to his own candidacy. But over the last year we have come to know Mr. Kerry as more than just an alternative to the status quo. We like what we've seen. He has qualities that could be the basis for a great chief executive, not just a modest improvement on the incumbent.

We have been impressed with Mr. Kerry's wide knowledge and clear thinking - something that became more apparent once he was reined in by that two-minute debate light. He is blessedly willing to re-evaluate decisions when conditions change. And while Mr. Kerry's service in Vietnam was first over-promoted and then over-pilloried, his entire life has been devoted to public service, from the war to a series of elected offices. He strikes us, above all, as a man with a strong moral core.

Editor and Publisher has the down low:
They weren't exactly giant surprises, but Senator John Kerry will take them, picking up two more major editorial endorsements on Sunday, this time from The Minneapolis Star-Tribune in swing state Minnesota and The New York Times, which has national impact. Both papers used unusually harsh language in attacking the incumbent.

In E&P's exclusive daily endorsement tally, this gives Kerry a 15-13 edge on President Bush but widens his margin in the combined circulation of the papers that back him from 3-1 to nearly 5-1, with an edge of about 4 million to 850,000.

Many more endorsements are expected on Sunday.

We're going global. I see Mars, bitches.

Oh! Reilly

YT wasn't going to comment anymore on Shrill's sex-by-falafel fantasies; I don't share his masturbatory love for chickpeas, but darnit, the guy's such a prick who deserves a good smackdown, I kept an open mind and decided to investigate this freaky falafel phenomena. I asked myself, What is a falafel and why does Mr. O want to fuck it or fuck with it or fuck and then eat it?

fa-la-phil-ia: n.

    1. Obsessive fascination with ground spiced chickpeas shaped into balls and fried.
    2. Erotic attraction to or sexual contact with garbanzo beans, coriander, and cumin.
    3. An abnormal fondness for being in the presence of middle eastern foods. Also called taboulehmania, hummulingus.
    4. Sexual contact with or erotic desire for a falafel.
YT's sorry she asked.

N E I L ! and that other guy

Neil is everywhere:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Admitting to being intimidated in the presence of a former Beatle, Neil Young joined forces with Paul McCartney on Thursday to perform at a $500-per-seat fundraiser to raise awareness of land mines.

Surrounded by a half-dozen guitars and a banjo, Young played an acoustic set featuring such nuggets as "Pocahontas," "Heart of Gold," "Harvest Moon" and "Four Strong Winds" with occasional help from wife Pegi on backing vocals.


Young joined him twice on stage at the Century Plaza Hotel, first for a duet on the former's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" and later to play along as McCartney closed the evening after midnight with "Hey Jude."

"We have a bit of fun but, as you can see, we do a lot of good along the way," McCartney told the crowd. "That's one of the magic things ... When you've worked hard and you've had a lot of luck, you get to a position, where Neil and I are at, you can do a little bit more. It's a magic thing."


An auction hosted by Jay Leno raised about $125,000, including $6,000 for one of Young's saliva-laced harmonicas. "You can clone your own Neil Young," Leno said.


McCartney and Young will reunite on Oct. 23 and 24 during Young's 18th annual Bridge School benefit concert at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, Calif.

Yeah. YT snipped the McCartney parts that were NNC and didn't give mention the celebratties. Who cares about them?

It's All One Song, babe.

Friday, October 15, 2004


Why a titleless post? Because the ad absurdum of Team Bush has rendered YT witless.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Friday Night Quick! Nobody's Looking DocuDump:

WASHINGTON - Weeks after Texas National Guard officials signed an oath swearing they had turned over all of President Bush (news - web sites)'s military records, independent examiners found more than two dozen pages of previously unreleased documents about Bush.

The two retired Army lawyers went through Texas files under an agreement between the Texas Guard and The Associated Press, which sued to gain access to the files. The 31 pages of documents turned over to AP Thursday night include orders for high-altitude training in 1972, less than three months before Bush abruptly quit flying as a fighter pilot.

The discovery is the latest in a series of embarrassments for Pentagon (news - web sites) and Texas National Guard officials who have repeatedly said they found and released all of Bush's Vietnam-era military files, only to belatedly discover more records. Those discoveries — nearly 100 pages, including Bush's pay records and flight logs — have been the result of freedom of information lawsuits filed in federal and Texas courts by AP.

A Texas National Guard spokesman defended the continuing discoveries, saying Guard officials didn't find all of Bush's records because they are disorganized and in poor shape.

"These boxes are full of dirt and rat (excrement) and dead bugs. They have never been sitting in an uncontrolled climate," said Lt. Col. John Stanford. "It's a tough task to go through archives that were not set up in a way that you could easily go through them."

Two Texas officials had signed sworn affidavits insisting they had reviewed the files in those boxes and released copies of all that related to Bush's 1968-1973 Guard service, however.

Rat shit and dead bugs. That about sums it up.

Jon To Tucker: Fuck. You.

Jon Stewart gets fired up:
"I think you're a lot more fun on your show," said Tucker Carlson to "Crossfire" guest Jon Stewart this afternoon. "And I think you're as much of a dick on your show as on any other," Stewart shot back. It wasn't the faux avuncularity we've come to expect from Stewart on "The Daily Show" but there, of course, he's playing a role. Here he was himself -- and he wasn't buying any of it.

From the moment Stewart sat down he made no secret of how repugnant he found the show. In fact, he said to Carlson and co-host Paul Begala that he had been so hard on the show he felt it was his duty to come on and say to their faces what he has said to friends and in interviews. What he said was that their show was "hurting America," and he was being only slightly hyperbolic. Stewart told them that when America needed journalists to be journalists they had instead chosen to present theater.

Carlson, trying to affect an air of dry amusement that a comedian would presume to lecture him, important pundit that he is, but looking as if his bow-tie were about to start spinning, could barely contain his outrage. In an absolutely mind-boggling moment, Carlson tried to counter Stewart's criticism by pointing out that during John Kerry's recent appearance on "The Daily Show," Stewart asked the candidate softball questions. "If you want to measure yourself against a comedy show," Stewart said, "be my guest."

Paul Begala tried to put a more conciliatory face on things by pointing out that theirs was a "debate" show. Stewart was having none of it. "I would love to see a real debate show," he said. And went on to tell them that instead of holding politicians' feet to the fire by asking tough question, "you're part of their strategy. You're partisan -- what's the word? -- uh, hacks."

It's almost a cliche by now to talk about "The Daily Show" being more trusted than real newscasts, but Stewart showed why. He pointed out to Carlson that he had asked Kerry if he really were in Cambodia but "I don't care," and when Carlson asked him what he thought about the "Bill O'Reilly vibrator flap," Stewart said, "I don't." It was as concise a demonstration of the triviality of the media as you could hope for.

"I thought you were going to be funny," Carlson said towards the end of the interview. Stewart responded, "No, I'm not going to be your monkey." And that was what was so bracing.

Stewart's "Crossfire" appearance is going to generate talk about how prickly he was, how he wasn't "nice" like he is on "The Daily Show." But prickliness is just what was needed. If you've built your reputation as a satirist pointing out how the media falls down on the job, you're not going to make yourself a part of their charade.


Woe Is Them

On a conference call with reporters today, Bush-Cheney campaign manager Ken Mehlman complained bitterly that John Kerry is talking about the possibility of a military draft if Bush wins re-election. "Once again, the senator raised the issue -- an issue which he knows not to be true -- about the potential for a military draft in the United States," Mehlman said. "The president has said it's not the case. Donald Rumsfeld has said it's not the case. The fact that Senator Kerry continues to try to bring up what he knows to be false in order to frighten voters is entirely inappropriate and further undermines his credibility with voters. . . . He will say anything, including things he knows to be false, to win political points, and it's outrageous and it should stop immediately."

Poor, poor Ken. Bush said it and Rummy said it, and that should be it. After all, it's not like the two of them have ever been wrong about anything, is it? It's not like Bush told us that Saddam Hussein had WMDs. It's not like Rumsfeld told us that he knew exactly where the WMDs were.

And it's not like the Bush-Cheney campaign has ever ignored something John Kerry said to "win political points" or "scare voters." No, the Bush campaign would never suggest that Kerry would give other nations a veto power over America's defense, despite Kerry's clear statements to the contrary. The Bush campaign would never suggest that Kerry has a "retreat and defeat" policy for Iraq, despite Kerry's clear statements to the contrary. And the Bush campaign would certainly never suggest that Kerry will raise taxes on the middle class, despite Kerry's clear statements to the contrary.

Let's not forget tricky Dick and his continuing rhetoric that Saddam was linked to 9/11.

Drive the Draft home, Big John, Abu Ghraib-style.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

What Greenjay Sez

Seeing is Believing:
I was prepared to hear the same kind of FITB speeches that politicians all over the world use when they are trying to appeal to a wary, even hostile electorate. I was in Brazil just before their first democratic election after decades of rule by generals, and I have been in Mexico several times before, during and after their own presidential elections. Denver, like so many areas of the U.S., is shell-shocked from the last few years of economic decline and Republican blustering, and deeply ethnically divided. When it comes to any mention of the economy, or Iraq, or just about any other political touchpoint, most of the people I know from work, or in my neighborhood, instantly become right-wing Republican pod-people.

And this has definitely affected the way I live my life. For the past few years I have been careful to limit my political conversations to close family, or semi-anonymous Internet forums like Salon. I know that my opinions are unwelcome even among my friends, and equally important -- career suicide if I ever really spoke my mind among co-workers. I don't have any political bumper stickers, or cute T-shirts. It has been agony watching the events of the last few years unfold into a horror show of proto-fascism, and not feel free to say, or do, anything in public about my concerns over civil liberties, blatantly delusional economic policies, and the like. I simply did not feel like an American anymore, but instead began to see myself as a kind of exile-in-residence.

So there I sat on the bleachers, waiting for John Edwards and looking at the crowd. I saw little old ladies sitting next to pierced punks, entire families, Union members, college kids, executive suits, the works. Lots of military families, also. As I scanned the crowd looking for likely protesters, I was startled to see that everyone looked really comfortable and happy to be there, like it was a block party. And up until the speeches started, it seemed that everyone was yakking away with the people seated next to them, mostly perfect strangers.

After a certain amount of obligatory speeches and introductions of local candidates, Edwards arrived. And then the unthinkable happened-- I was enthralled, so completely mesmerized by the charm and humanity of the man that I almost forgot to take pictures. He spoke about the same things we have all been hearing in the news, and in the debates. It wasn't WHAT he said, but how. The gestures, the way he moved around the stage. The total concentration as he listened to the painful questions from the audience, and then responded thoughtfully to what they actually asked.

You can tell when you look at some kids that they are really special. I've seen it in children who excel, seemingly effortlessly, at a sport or an academic subject. You just know, looking at them, that the world will not be the same if they have the chance to attain their full potential.

John Edwards stuck me as one of those brilliant children all grown up, one of the rare ones who made it and gives all the rest of us the confidence to keep going. In the car, on the way home, it struck me. Today, for the first time in a very long time, I feel like there really is a place in this country for someone like me.

Dearest greenjay, we are legion.

YT believes.

It's Official

Jon hearts John:
Not that it's terribly surprising, but it's now official: "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart, cable television's rock star of political comedy, has officially endorsed John Kerry for president. From CBS Marketwatch this afternoon:

"Saying 'it looks like Kerry,' Stewart said he expects to vote for Sen. John Kerry for president. 'I'd be stunned if something happened to change my mind,' said the host of the popular Daily Show."

Satan's Spawn

Leash Gal gave birth to a boy.

How Sweep It Is

3 solid Kerry debate wins. Wooohoooo!

YTs Canadian cyberbud, Mr. Drunken Proletariat, sez of last night's Bush smackdown:

At 6:14 PM, Drunken Proletariat said...
The debate is on! Bush is speaking for the first time now. He already seems frantic, sweaty, desperate, over-anxious, dumb as hell, "don't get a flu shot"- blame-the-Brits, ohh God, I hope you have enough hooch to get thru this debate. -back later.

At 6:34 PM, Drunken Proletariat said...
Bush is trying to sound like he is "tolerant," now. Can you fucking imagine how many times Monkey-Boy had to rehearse these obviously scripted diatribes of his to actually get them down as well as he has??? They don't even follow the "debate" very well.... To me, it looks like a Kerry massacre of Dubya, he ( Bush ) is the worst fucking hypocrite EVER!!! The "Pro-Life President". Groooooaaannn. I'm gonna pop open another Zind..

At 7:06 PM, Drunken Proletariat said...
YOU FUCKING TELL 'EM KERRY!!! I'm glad they are not talking about the war this time. Bush is so fucking lame, it defies description. I hope you kick some Bush soon, on Nov. 2 I think Kerry is blowing Bush's brain-stem in this event.

At 7:14 PM, Drunken Proletariat said...
more debate. Is this a president who hates NIGGERS???

At 7:17 PM, Drunken Proletariat said...
Prayer and religion sustains Bush... fucking great. More proof that the president has no brain....

At 7:28 PM, Drunken Proletariat said...
A good way to re-unite the nation would be to STOP THE LIES!!! Bush LIED. The Right are being proved more wrong every day. US Intelligence warned that the Bush Ad. and Co. had their own agenda, etc. You know all this shit. Ahhh, stutter-stammer, pound my fist..My wife is beautiful... what the FUCK does Bush ... jeezus, I'm gonna put some Heinz Ketchup in my wine.. call it a Heinzfandel...

Too good a recap to leave in comments.

About Kerry's Mary Cheney is a lesbian comment and the Freepers' "outrage" -- like it was some kind of outing of the woman or something -- good golly are some people homophobic or what? News flash for the clueless: Mary Cheney is a lesbian.

Noted Now swings both ways:

ELIZABETH EDWARDS ON ABC RADIO: "She's overreacted to this and treated it as if it's shameful to have this discussion. I think that's a very sad state of affairs… I think that it indicates a certain degree of shame with respect to her daughter's sexual preferences… It makes me really sad that that's Lynne's response."

LYNNE CHENEY AT POST-DEBATE RALLY: "The only thing I could conclude is that this is not a good man. This is not a good man. And, of course, I'm speaking as a mom. And a pretty indignant one. This is not a good man. What a cheap and tawdry political trick."

DICK CHENEY TO NBC AFFILIATE WHO: "I would have said Sen. Kerry was out of line to bring my daughter into it. I thought it was totally inappropriate."

WHAT KERRY SAID: "And I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, she would tell you that she's being who she was, she's being who she was born as."

KERRY CAMPAIGN: Senior Kerry aide acknowledges "it was not his best moment," but calls charges that it was inappropriate "ridiculous… The woman is in her thirties. She's public about her sexuality. It was brought up in the last debate. So, what the hell?" ABC News' Marc Ambinder reports…

What the hell, indeed.

Noted Now link via Atrios.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The OH Shit Factor

This is not good:
"Thieves shattered a side window overnight at Lucas County Democratic headquarters in Toledo, stealing computers with sensitive campaign information and triggering concern of the local party's ability to deliver crucial votes on Nov. 2. Among the data on the stolen computer of the party's office manager were: e-mails discussing campaign strategy, candidates' schedules, financial information, and phone numbers of party members, candidates, donors, and volunteers."

"Also taken were computers belonging to Lucas County Commissioner Tina Skeldon Wozniak and to a Texas attorney working with the Kerry/Edwards presidential campaign to ensure election security. The thefts have prompted the Kerry/Edwards campaign and Democrats in Washington to offer help and have left local officials fretting about the crime's impact on the upcoming election, in which Ohio plays a high-profile role."

"'This puts us behind the eight ball," party spokesman Jerry Chabler said. "This can affect our entire get-out-the-vote operation.'"

59 Reasons Why Bush Sucks

Or, "Why you’d have to be a freaking idiot to vote for this guy." This public service announcement was made possible by Greg Stacy:
58. The idea that the leader of the free world is either a sociopath or suffers from a degenerative brain disease is too terrifying to contemplate. Best-case scenario: he’s just a plain old dumbass. Keep your fingers crossed, kids.

Texas Toast

1 slice sour bread

1 angry Preznit

Soak bread in blood of 1080 dead Americans

Preheat debate hall

Grill bread until crispy


Yummy yum.

Blonde nod to First Draft; Toast courtesy of Blatant Truth.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Where Eagles Soar

Patty Davis has something to say:
I wonder if President Bush could look into the eyes of Christopher Reeve’s family and tell them that it’s because he values life so deeply that he is preserving clusters of cells in freezers—cells that resulted from in-vitro fertilization and could be used for embryonic stem cell treatment—despite the fact that more people will die as a result of his decision. I wonder if he could stare into their grief and defend the fact that he has released only a few lines of stem cells—lines that are basically useless because they have been contaminated. Or brazenly point out that he has authorized funding for adult stem cells—which do not hold the same miraculous potential as embryonic stem cells.

The sad fact is, the president probably could. After all, Laura Bush went on national television during the week of my father’s funeral and spoke out against embryonic stem cell research, pointing out that where Alzheimer’s is concerned, we don’t have proof that stem-cell treatment would be effective. It wasn’t too long after that interview that she gave a speech in which she chided people for offering “false hope” to the families of Alzheimer’s patients. In a sweetly patronizing tone, she said it’s terribly unfair to all of those who are vulnerable and in pain to suggest that a cure is just around the corner.

Memo to Mrs. Bush: I am one of those poor, vulnerable souls who you think has been misled. I speak for many others when I say that none of us believe a cure is just around the corner. We believe it’s around a very wide bend, which we can’t get around because your husband has put up a barrier to further research. And as far as false hope, there is no such thing. There is only hope or the absence of hope—nothing else.


He [Reeve] said in an interview a few years ago that when he dreamed, he was never in a wheelchair. In his dreams, he walked and ran and sailed on the sea. He is doing all of that now—far beyond this world and the body that wouldn’t allow him those freedoms. He’s left the rest of us with a responsibility—to never let anyone stop us from one of the most towering medical achievements in history. To never let anyone call our hopes “false.”

God speed, Superman. We'll keep up the good fight. Rest assured, and in peace.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Baby You Can Drive My Car

Yes you're gonna be a star...
John Kerry has overcome a 14-point deficit in a new opinion poll showing the Democratic White House hopeful in a statistical dead heat with President George W. Bush (news - web sites).

USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll gives Kerry a 49 to 48 percent lead over Bush among likely voters three weeks before the November 2 presidential election. A prior poll had given Bush a 54 to 40 percent edge in mid-September.

A majority of Americans polled, 49 percent, say they disapprove of the way Bush is handling the presidency, while 47 percent say they approve. In late September, 54 percent approved of Bush's handling of the job.

Kerry beats Bush on honesty (44 to 42 percent) and on which contender expresses himself more clearly (57 to 38 percent).

Beep beep'm beep beep yeah!

Go Short

Or: Sell, bitches!

Blonde nod to Old Hat.


Speaking of October Surprises...perhaps it'll be our very own C I A who, in the end, hoses the Rove slime machine and sends the Texas Chihuahua home to Crawford:
A powerful "old guard" faction in the Central Intelligence Agency has launched an unprecedented campaign to undermine the Bush administration with a battery of damaging leaks and briefings about Iraq.

The White House is incensed by the increasingly public sniping from some senior intelligence officers who, it believes, are conducting a partisan operation to swing the election on November 2 in favour of John Kerry, the Democratic candidate, and against George W Bush.

Jim Pavitt, a 31-year CIA veteran who retired as a departmental chief in August, said that he cannot recall a time of such "viciousness and vindictiveness" in a battle between the White House and the agency.

John Roberts, a conservative security analyst, commented bluntly: "When the President cannot trust his own CIA, the nation faces dire consequences."

Right. Something about a certain PDB comes to mind...

Blonde nod to Black Sundae via Right Hand Thief.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Surprise Surprise

We know it's coming; that single event so dramatic it could influence the election's outcome. We're 10 days into October. Iraq is still FUBAR. Bush, after going nutzoid on national teevee -- twice! -- is losing ground in the polls. As the Festival of the Dead draws near, Unka Karl is stiring the cauldron.

"We've got a couple of surprises that we intend to spring," Rove told ABC radio host Sean Hannity while explaining that he intends to wage an aggressive campaign no matter what the polls show.

Over at October Surprise!, they're polling possibilities:

    • WMD's found in Iraq!
    • Osama bin Laden captured!
    • Spectacular terrorist attack on US soil!
    • Vote is threatened by terrorist attacks, vote suspended due to red alert.
    • US pulls out of Iraq in October, leaving the UN in charge.
    • Diebold Election Systems fixes the vote in battleground states.
    • Escalation in Israel, Iran, or North Korea. US opens a new war front.

Lessee.... WMDs? No way.

Osama captured? Not even the Master Rovejician can pull that rabbit out of the hat.

Terrorist attack here in the states? Uh uh.

Voting threatened or suspended for red alert? Never. The last thing Chimpy McFlightsuit wants is half the US population, armed with torches and pitchforks, descending on the WH like angry villagers out of a Frankenstein movie and demanding his removal.

Cheating voting machines? See above.

World war three breaks out over there within the next three weeks? No.

YT thinks Rove has monkeys flyin' out his ass. Surprise! I'm with John Kerry when he sez we're in for "more of the same" from Team Bush. More slander. More mud slinging. More lies. More spin. More media whoring, which has already begun:

The conservative-leaning Sinclair Broadcast Group, whose television outlets reach nearly a quarter of the nation's homes with TV, is ordering its stations to preempt regular programming just days before the Nov. 2 election to air a film that attacks Sen. John F. Kerry's activism against the Vietnam War, network and station executives familiar with the plan said Friday.

Let them have their swiftliars and axe grinders, we've got an October Surprise of our own. Yesiree. We've got the Big Dog. According to Daily Dish (archived story dated 10/3/04 titled BILL, ON MEND, HELPS DEM PAL) Bill's doing great, he's working the phones, and is expected to stump for Kerry mid-month. Yay!

Battle Of The Bulge

Was Bush, or wasn't Bush, wired -- for sound -- during the first debate?

1. Some say the bulge is the spine of a Kevlar vest.

2. Some say the bulge is the ballooning deficit.

3. Others say the bulge is Bush's battery pack, because everyone knows the real Preznit can't speak off-the-cuff; for 'live audiences' Team Bush always uses the GeorgeW2000.

4. Still others swear the bulge is where the puppet strings attach.

While options 2, 3, and 4 are most plausible, YT's going with #1. I would venture to say that Bush and his bullet-proof vest are inseparable. Besides, if Bush had really been wired and Rove's voice pumped into his ear, he would have done better. Short of a public melt-down, he couldn't have done worse.

What I want to know is, was Bush wired -- not for sound -- during the Town Hall? He was definitely on something, some sort of speed; notice his constant blinking, his teeth grinding, his overt physical animation, his paranoid and belligerent tone.

Is Bush back on the coca?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Taming Of The Shrill

Wow. Was George W. Bush over-the-top last night or what? Karen Hughes and Unka Karl really did a number on Bush in the 8 days since the Preznit first lost his mind on national teevee. With their handling, Bush went from petulant to downright pissy. He was either condescending toward the questioner or yelling at the audience, he was aggressive and rude, and at one point I thought he was going to get jiggy on Charlie Gibson. Charlie's face said, "Woa. Back off, Cowboy." Like Debate #1, George W. Bush showed his quick-tempered ass to the world audience, and it wasn't pretty.

Mr. President, three words of advice: Anger. Management. Classes.

John Kerry rocked, and by that I mean he was solid as a rock. Articulate, engaging, sincere, honest, knowledgeable, and most importantly, he came across to the 62 million viewers as PRESIDENTIAL. John Kerry was clearly in command of himself, the room, and the issues.

24 days to go. Mars, bitches!

Friday, October 08, 2004


The blogesphere's been bloggin' about Michael Moore and his free undies and noodles voter drive, and how the dumbass Repugnants want to prosecute! him cuz they say he's offering the goodies as bribes...
Mikey reponds:
My friends, they will not catch me. Though I may be on the run, and I may never be able to return home to my beloved Michigan, I make this solemn vow to you and yours: The slackers of America shall not be denied their noodles, they will proudly wear their clean underwear as free Americans, and they will vote Bush out of office come November 2nd (though they will not show up to the polls until well after noon)!

Stay strong, stay slacker, and please remember to turn the underwear inside out every three days. As for the noodles, add boiling water, stir.


And another thing, excuuuuuuuuuuuuse the fuck out of YT but wasn't Team Bush going on and on and on and fucking on about "frivolous lawsuits" being the cause of sky-rocketing healthcare costs or the spiraling economy or some such shit?

Oh. Right. SSIA.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


Got a few hours to burn? Spend it here. The droppings are plentiful.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Memo To Dick And George

Iraq is fucked up! Are you listening?!

Or something like that:
As War Room noted back in mid-September, even the primary citadel of U.S. power in Iraq, Baghdad's Green Zone, had reportedly become vulnerable to attack by Iraqi insurgents. An alarming email from the U.S. embassy there, posted today by blogger Andrew Sullivan, confirms that the security situation has continued to deteriorate:

From: 'Baghdad, USConsul'
To: 'Baghdad, USConsul'
Subject: Warden Message
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 14:36:13 +0000

Warden Message - Increased Security Awareness within the International Zone

On October 5, 2004, at approximately 1 pm, U.S. Embassy security personnel discovered an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) at the Green Zone Café. A U.S. Military Explosive Ordnance Detachment safely disarmed the IED. American citizens living or working in the International Zone are strongly encouraged to take the following security precautions:

    Limit non-essential movement within the International Zone, especially at night.

    Travel in groups of two or more.

    Carry several means of communication.

    Avoid the Green Zone Café, the Chinese Restaurants, the Lone Star restaurant and Vendor Alley.

    Conduct physical fitness training within a compound perimeter.

    Notify office personnel or friends of your travel plans in the International Zone.

    **** Conduct a thorough search of your vehicle prior to entering it.

    Consular Section
    US Embassy Baghdad


    Why does Team Bush hate our troops?

    Iraqi Elections? What Elections?

    Can't say I blame them:
    UNITED NATIONS - Two organizations representing more than 60,000 United Nations staff members urged Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Wednesday to pull all U.N. staff out of Iraq because of the "unprecedented" risk to their safety and security.


    "Just one staff member is one staff member too many in Iraq," they said. "We ... appeal to your good judgment to ensure that no further staff members be sent to Iraq and that those already deployed be instructed to leave as soon as possible."

    Throws Bush's and Allawi's statements that Iraq is stabilizing and will hold elections in January out with the Ba'ath water, doesn't it?

    Stating The Obvious

    One of the first Repugnant talking points to emerge from last night's debate was when the Dick said this:
    "If they couldn't stand up to the pressures Howard Dean represented, how can we expect them to stand up to al-Qaeda?" Cheney asked.

    Andrea Mitchell on Hardball was practically cumming she was so giddy over Cheney's Dean statement, and every talking head repeated it, like it was the greatest zinger since "Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy."

    What a load of stinking shit. YT kept thinking, "how stoooopid are these pundits?" Hello! John Kerry is the Presidential Candidate, not Howard Dean. John Kerry whooped Dean in the Primaries. John Kerry stood up to everyone, and came out the winner. Don't misunderstand. YT was a Deaniac. YT hearts Howard Dean for all he did to energize the democrats and speak out against the war in Iraq. When Kerry's President, he should make Dean the Surgeon General or appoint him to some high-level cabinet position. But never, ever, did John Kerry back down to Howard Dean.

    The biggest mistake the Repugs made was limiting the Veep debates. Bush has two debates to go. We've seen Bush debate. America, George Bush is no Dick Cheney.

    Tuesday, October 05, 2004

    "It's Almost Pathological"

    With all due respect to Kos, YT takes exception to "almost."

    Kos with the most:

    Cheney claimed that he had never met Edwards before.

    Addressing the National Prayer Breakast, Cheney said: "Thank you. Thank you very much. Congressman Watts, Senator Edwards, friends from across America and distinguished visitors to our country from all over the world, Lynne and I honored to be with you all this morning." [FDCH Political Transcripts, Cheney Remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast, 2/1/01]

    And then theres this, which should offer up photos at some point soon (and we all know how people need pictures for reality to sink in):

    Senator Edwards Escorted Elizabeth Dole When She Was Sworn In As North Carolina's Other Senator. Elizabeth Dole was sworn in as North Carolina's other senator on January 8, 2003. Gannet News Service wrote: "As per Senate tradition, Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., escorted her."

    Dole Took The Senate Oath Administered By Vice President Dick Cheney. According to Gannet News Service: "[Dole] raised her right hand and took the oath administered by Vice President Dick Cheney, the Senate president." [Gannet News Service, 1/8/03]

    Was it just YT or did Cheney's closing statement sound like his concession speech?

    John Edwards

    He's so getting laid tonight.

    Yes Means No Means Yes Whatever

    In today's Bushworld, L. Paul Bremer announced that the US never had enough boots on the ground in Iraq.

    Hours later, Team Bush lets out a collective uh huh.

    Atrios, of course, provides the smackdown. (can't link. Eschaton's jammed) The ubber blogger provides date and time and copy of Bremer's public request for more troops.

    Faced with unflappable fact, Team Bush goes under ground to group-think their way out of the ever-deepening hole and...

    Voila! Team Bush is forced to admit to Bremer's criticisms.

    Flippity Floppity Flip

    YT Hearts Rude Pundit

    What Edwards Should Say:
    If, at tonight's "debate", when Edwards is asked, "How do you believe your career as a trial lawyer affects your approach to government?", he doesn't answer, "What the fuck kind of question is that, Gwen? What the fuck are you implying? Holy fuck, have you even looked at the cases I've tried? Doesn't the press do any actual goddamn research on, say, Lexis-Nexis or even fuckin' Google? Or maybe my fuckin' book? My legal career was based on helping individuals dicked over by the very kind of corporate and government culture this evil motherfucker across this stupid ass table has fostered. And don't you fuckin' gimme that stroke victim smirk, Dick, or I'll come across and start shovin' aluminum tubes up your ass, all 60,000 of 'em, one anodized tube at a goddamn time. Then, with all those tubes up your ass, you can tell me, tell all of us, if they feel like centrifuge tubes or just plain ol' rocket tubes. And then I'll shove yellow cake uranium from Niger up your ass. Then I'll shove the bones and blood of over 1000 Americans up your ass. And the bodies of tens of thousands of Iraqis, right up the motherfuckin' asshole, Dick, right on up. We'll follow that up with Energy Task Force documents, reams of 'em, get it, Dick? Gettin' reamed with reams? Then I'll shove Halliburton up your ass. I'll shove Kellog, shove Brown, shove Root, right up into your dessicated colon. I'll shove no-bid contracts and deferred compensation in there until your sphincter is aching and bloody. That's right, Dick, it's all goin' up there. Bribes to Nigeria and business with Iran. We're packin' it in, bitch. And let's go back, Gwen, let's get old school on this man whose heart is so small it needs a machine to make it pump, this vile, depraved political attack dog, this insider who massages the system to the benefit of his bastard cronies like a Korean hooker at a Japanese spa. Let's shove South African apartheid up Dick's ass. Let's shove water pollution, air pollution and other environmental degradation up Cheney's ass. Let's shove the bodies of women who will die of botched abortions if he gets his way up Cheney's ass. Let's shove the Project for a New American Century up Cheney's ass, along with Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Perle, and all the motherfuckin' neocons, pack 'em in, into Cheney's ass, alongside draft deferments, Lynne, SDI, and more. And when Cheney's cryin', yellin' that it hurts, his ass hurts, when he's weepin' and wonderin', 'Why? Why are you shoving all this up my ass?' I'll say, 'Because you've been shovin' it all up our asses for years, you vicious, soulless bastard. Now, stay bent over, 'cause, trust me, there's tons more shovin' to do and then I'm gonna fuck you Deliverance style, you corporate pig, so start practicin' your squealin'.' Does that answer your question, Gwen?

    Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

    A Mother's Grief

    TUCSON, Ariz. The grief of losing her son in Iraq may have been too much for an Arizona woman.

    Friends say Karen Unruh-Wahrer collapsed and died at her Tucson home, days after learning that Army Specialist Robert Unruh had been shot and killed near Baghdad on September 25th.

    He'd been in Iraq less than a month when his unit was attacked. His 45-year-old mother collapsed Saturday -- just hours after seeing her son's body.

    A co-worker of of the grief-stricken woman quotes her husband as saying she died of a broken heart.

    Blonde nod to AmericaBlog for keepin' it real.

    "Deep Bloat"

    Thomas Schaller nails Bush, right to the wall:
    The President revealed something far darker during those ninety minutes in Miami. He proved that a man is never totally cured of his addictions, and that his alcohol dependency has transmuted into a public drunkenness with his own power. Without the enabling of staffers at work and the adoring audiences on the campaign trail who shield and worship him, Bush stammered and stumbled through a sobering debate in Coral Gables.

    For all his talk about how humbling the awesome responsibilities of the presidency are, beware anyone who comes between Bush and the powerful tonic of his office. When John Kerry dared to do so last week, the President morphed into an angry, irascible drunk – a man not in full, but half-cocked with rage and seething denial.

    Bottled up

    Last Thursday the President's endemic character flaws were exposed plainly, for all to see. Absent his handlers and note cards and teleprompters, we saw into his very core. At least four truths about the President's personality – many of them long-suspected – were confirmed by his on-stage behavior in Miami:

    He was too lazy and selfish to bother preparing.

    Never could do his homework.
    He is a pathological name-dropper.

    Because he can't speak to any personal accomplishments.
    He is a terrible listener.

    "la la la la I can't hear you" ain't cuttin' it, chief.
    He is impatient to a fault.

    He even snapped at the voices in his head!
    Bush has grown into the presidency, but there is an ugly side to his comfort level in office which rises to the surface when his authority is challenged. Despite his constant refrains about how humbled he is by the awesome responsibility of the job, Bush has developed a bloated sense of himself. To substitute for the lifelong vice he gave up when he turned forty, the President now intoxicates himself with power.

    He blurted, blundered and blameshifted, even pointing the finger at the Republican Congress for those record-setting deficits. Is it any wonder that, when pressed to cite a single mistake at his last press conference, he couldn't think of anything?

    Kerry was a one-man political intervention in Miami. When the Senator challenged the President's facts, assertions and decisions, Bush showed what kind of president – and person – he really is: insular, immodest, irascible and intoxicated with the idea of his own imperial presidency. He showed that he is twelve steps away from reforming his presidency.

    In November Bush will do what all alcoholics living in denial do to escape reality: pull a geographic. Crawford, Texas, here he comes!

    Oops He Did It Again

    Nothing to see here. Move along. Elephant? What Elephant in the room?

    Rumsfailed just can't catch a break.

    ...during a question-and-answer session before the Council on Foreign Relations, [Rumsfeld] had been asked to explain the connection between Saddam and Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network -- one of the U.S. arguments for launching a war on Iraq.

    He replied: "To my knowledge, I have not seen any strong, hard evidence that links the two."

    And what did the SCLM and those paying attention do in reporting his actual words? Why, they misunderstood him. It's not what he meant. Saddam was a very bad man. Al Queda are very bad men. 1 + 1 = 3. Up is down. Black is white. Might makes right. Is it November yet?

    You Know What They Say

    Once the hip goes, it's all down hill from there.
    ...THAT 73-year-old "Crossfire" co-host Robert Novak broke his hip after slipping in his Miami hotel room shower the morning after the presidential debate.

    A wet naked broken Novak. How's that for a morning visual?

    Coffee. I need cofee.

    Ready For His Close Up

    According to everyone, Mr. Wonderful needs to show he's more than brilliant and handsome and honest and resolute, and Dick Go Fuck Yourself Cheney needs to show the world that he's really not the Crashcart Killer, that Team Bush offers American voters more than spin and mushroom clouds over Manhattan. YT thinks our side's got the better deal.

    PHAT Veep Posted by Hello

    You know you're in trouble, Kerry advisor Joe Lockhart said Monday, when you've got to ask Dick Cheney to "cheer up" the voters.

    See, Dick's been practicin' his warm, friendly sneer at an undisclosed location. He's one of "us" don'tcha know, not that horrifying puppeteer we've all seen these past four years.

    Meanwhile, back in reality, Mary Matalin sez John Edwards is "the man with the golden tongue." No doubt!
    On substance and in style, Cheney has made himself a target for all who distrust the Bush administration. Cheney pushed the hardest for the war in Iraq, and then stretched the truth the hardest to support it. It was Cheney who said that Saddam Hussein had "in fact reconstituted nuclear weapons," Cheney who said that U.S. troops would be "greeted as liberators." And even as others in the administration backed away from attempts to link Saddam Hussein to the attacks of Sept. 11, it was Cheney who kept pushing the lie. He peddled the discredited report that an Iraqi intelligence officer met with hijacker Muhammad Atta in Prague in 2001. He claimed that Iraq had been a base for terrorists, "most especially" the ones who attacked on Sept. 11. And when the 9/11 commission concluded that there was "no collaborative relationship" between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida, Cheney said he "probably" knew more than the commission did.

    While Cheney has played a central role in the Iraq war, his reach -- and therefore his taint -- has extended much beyond it, too. With his refusal to release records from his energy task force, his continuing paychecks from Halliburton, and his duck-hunting trip with Antonin Scalia, Cheney cemented the Bush administration's reputation for secrecy and cronyism and a certain kind of contempt for anyone who dared to question either. And that was before he told Patrick Leahy: "Go fuck yourself."

    Cheney might be able to pull off the man-behind-the-curtain act if he had Bush's social skills -- or at least the ones the president had before last week's debate, when his own inner Cheney seemed to surface. But Cheney lacks Bush's fake folksy charm. He comes off as somniferous in person, a little sinister on TV.

    Dick Cheney = somniferous and sinister.
    John Edwards = effective and engaging.

    My money's on John Edwards.

    Monday, October 04, 2004

    *cracking knuckles*

    Now, where was I...

    Oh. Yes! I was basking in the glow of Bush's very public, very embarrassing dog and pony on national, indeed international, television. I'd like to thank the members of the academy, er, the media, for prolonging my happiness these past few days by repeating over and over and over on every station provided by Sacramento's Comcast Cable Company just how awful Bush did in debate #1. The Freepers are Freaking and I'm lovin' it.

    My liquor cabinet's fully stocked for Friday night's Town Hall. Not Bush's forte, answering non-scripted, unapproved, Jesus-speaks-through-you-Herr leader-type non-question questions. Sure, John Kerry's been surrounded by admirers at his campaign events, but never once was anyone forced to sign a loyalty oath to attend his rallies and many times he's had to face off with heckling Bush party crashers. Kerry's got the edge -- again. Three cheers for another Bush meltdown.

    Now then....tomorrow night. The John Edwards vs. Darth Vader political death match. Mr. Sunshine vs. The Scowl. Mr. Hope and Prosperity vs. The Smearmeister. This is the debate I've been waiting for. Halliburton's war profiteering, Cheney's six-figure deferred comp, WMD lies, links to Al Queda lies, I want it all laid out on the slab for everyone to ID, with no li'l Russ letting shit slide, no Fox News Yes Men nodding unquestioningly. I want Red Meat, John. Red. Meat. I want Cheney calling for Elizabeth, if you know what I mean.

    Pretty please.

    Friday, October 01, 2004

    Total Kung Fu Brain

    John Kerry's a winner. He won last night. He's going to win in November. He was, as history will play out, born to run.

    I watched the debate last night at my son's basketball practice; me and my five-inch black-and-white-screened battery-operated tevee were huddled off to the side of the gym while 3rd graders and their coaching dads tore up the boards a court away from us. In the broadcast glow, just 12 inches from my smiling face, did I see what I'd hoped to see, the next President of the United States ripping the current Preznit a new ass in front of millions of people.

    Here's Athenea and Tena with the one, two, three strikes Bush's out:
    Here we go.

    No opening statements? The hell?

    Nice handshake. Very good. Big smile. Is Bush wearing heel lifts?

    Ok - after the first words about prayer, I knew - there's not longer any question whatsoever in my mind -- Bush is the anti-Christ.

    Kerry: Preventing 9/11 attacks. "I can make America safer." Kerry's whaling on Bush and no "We're 90% of the casualties in Iraq." "Isolate the radical Islamic Muslims rather than let them isolate us." Oooh, good one.

    If I was drinking at every mention of terrorism I'd be blind already.

    Bush: He's repeating the 10 million registration for Afghanistan again … A-Q? What, is he Big G now?

    Wait a minute, Bush is the one who's rambling? Who's going off on tangents now. Same shit, different venue, basically. He's regurgitating talking points.

    Kerry: "I believe in being strong and resolute but we also have to be smart."

    "He outsourced that job, too." – Kerry referring to Afghanistan, Tora Bora, and the warlords we sent into Afghanistan rather than our soldiers. Goddamn. He is kicking his ass. 90 percent of the casualties and 90 percent of the cost. Holy shit. I mean, holy shit.

    Kerry just warmed up and suddenly, the room became filled with the perfume of roses and I know just how you felt when you listened to the Weld debate, Athenae. He's really tearing him apart.

    Bush is bringing up Kerry's past statements, which are not in the slightest inconsistent with what Kerry just said. Bush looks snotty, rattled, and annoyed. Already.

    Bush just mixed up Hussein and bin Laden … AGAIN.

    Kerry rebuttal: Iraq was not even close to the center of the war on terror before the president invaded it. I wonder if Mr. Athenae would mind if I left him for John Kerry.

    Bush is just regurgitating talking points. Over, and over, and over. America will be safer. America will be safer. I promise. Trust me. Here, buy this snake oil.

    We can succeed but I don't think this president can – Kerry. Lehrer looks like Kerry just fucked his mother live on TV. He looks SHOCKED at Kerry's prowess.

    Oh, Game Fucking ON.

    There's more and it's all good.

    One Man's Puppet

    About Allawi. Remember Herr Leader chastising Kerry last night, saying how impolite, indeed rude, Kerry was for Kerry's peeps saying that Allawi had been less than truthful to the UN and the world population about the situation in Iraq and that Allawi was simply repeating Team Bush's talking points?

    It was Bush who called Allawi a WH puppet last night, not John Kerry. And with all due disrespect, Bush should know.
    WASHINGTON (AFP) - In a letter to the White House, a leading US Senate Democrat expressed "profound dismay" that the White House allegedly wrote a large portion of Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's speech to Congress last week.

    "I want to express my profound dismay about reports that officials from your administration and your reelection campaign were 'heavily involved' in writing parts of Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's speech," California Senator Dianne Feinstein wrote in a letter to President George W. Bush.

    Monkey see, Monkey do.

    Blonde nod to Loaded Mouth.


    So much debate fodder, and a whole weekend to blog. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Remember when Bush began to furiously take notes, like he was making a list to debunk Kerry's righteous truths of attack? Were you wondering wtf Bush could be writing? Well, The Talent Show has the EXCLUSIVE: Bush's Debate Notes.

    Must See!