Friday, December 03, 2004

They Get Medals

President Bush is awarding the nation's highest civilian honor to three men central to his Iraq policy, the White House announced.

Bush has chosen retired Gen. Tommy Franks, who oversaw combat in Afghanistan and the initial invasion of Iraq, former CIA Director George Tenet and former Iraq administrator L. Paul Bremer III to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Lemme get this straight...

There is no doubt that the regime of Saddam Hussein possesses weapons of mass destruction. And . . . as this operation continues, those weapons will be identified, found, along with the people who have produced them and who guard them.

Gen. Tommy Franks
March 22, 2003

"George, how confident are you?" the president asked Tenet, in an exchange depicted in Bob Woodward's book "Plan of Attack."

"Don't worry, it's a slam-dunk," Tenet said.

"We paid a big price for not stopping it because it established an atmosphere of lawlessness," Bremer said. "We never had enough troops on the ground."

are getting "Distinguished Service" medals?!

Oh. Right. We're livin' in Bushworld now, where up is down and black is white and might makes right and kill Iraqis to save them.


At 11:42 AM, Blogger Jack Eilar said...

So, you think it's disrectful of our service personnel to make light of Commander Rummy? Humor is often the best way to puncture an overinflated ego. When an official becomes the butt of jokes he/she loses all gravitas and credibility. Let's have more jokes about the know-nothings who spout gibberish and other sheer nonsence while placing us in danger. Let the jesters show that the emperor has no clothes. Let Letterman and Leno show the sheer absurdity of comments and actions by these saltimbanques. Bring on the clowns!


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