Friday, December 10, 2004


Somewhere, an artist, a sculptor, is weeping.

So it's Friday night and I'm blogging. What a bore! And surfing ebay, looking at blasphemy, er, wingnuttery. What a geek! Yeah. So?

I have wine. 2 bottles. I have time. All night. I have high-speed internet connection.

Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaay. So I'm cruisin' nutterbay and for the low, and I do mean low price of $24.95 (should I opt to Buy it Now), I can purchase a less than 12" George W. Bush Bust that is 6"H, and rewrite history:

George W. Bush became our 43 president following one of the closest elections in American history.Only the second man to follow in the presidential footsteps of his father, Bush developed a political philosophy known as "compassionate conservatism" that encouraged limited government, individual responsability, and strong family values. His common-sense approch successfully led him from governor of Texas to the White House. Most importantly, he will be remembered as a strong and decisive leader in his "War against Terrorism" and the "Enduring Freedom" military campaign.Bush's words evoke resolve and patriotism: "Whether we bring our enemies to justice or justice to our enemies, justice will be done!"

First of all...(just a sec, gotta refresh my glass)...okay, back....but where to begin?

What a load of 100% Grade A American Bullshit.

And yes, Seller, the photo does do "it" justice.


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