Monday, November 15, 2004

Tell Us Somethin' We Don't Know

Mr. Slam Dunk sez Condi screwed the pooch and we Americans got fucked:
Should Condoleezza Rice be worried about the memoir that ex- CIA director George Tenet is peddling?
The former spy chief "trashes" the national security adviser in his book proposal, one publishing insider tells us.

"He claims she was incompetent, that she didn't do her job" when it came to protecting the country from terrorists, the source says.

Mind you, the 9/11 Commission found the CIA responsible for so many intelligence boners that Tenet, after seven years at the agency, resigned.

Tenet's book collaborator and former spokesman, Bill Harlow, denies that Tenet is putting the blame on Condi.

"The book proposal is confidential," says Harlow, the author of the military thriller "Circle William."

"But that is not an accurate rendition of the proposal."

Tenet, who spent two weeks meeting with publishing-house editors, is also said to lay odds that Al Qaeda will strike next with a radioactive "dirty bomb."

Which is pretty much what Michael Scheuer said last night on 60 Minutes. It's not 'if' AQ will strike with deadly force, but 'when'.

Feeling safe?


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