Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Stark Raving Red

You might have noticed YT has gone red in the face. And no, it's not because I wasn't nominated as a sexy blogger *snif* like some guy I know. I'm not bitter. Really. Who needs cyberoggling when I can get felt-up at the airport? It's all the rage. Coming to a chick-lit editor near you: Fear of Flying the Friendly Skies.

No. The reason I'm red-faced is because I'm angry. 1 hour and 10 minutes ago, the U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Tied the Record as the highest for any month of the invasion of Iraq, and 27 million Americans are more interested in the make-believe death of Desperate Housewives. 27 million viewers tuned in to a fucking teevee show but tune out reality. And I wonder why this country's in the shitter.

Where's the 'family values' and 'moral' brigades when our bloody troops need them? Oh. Right. They're here and here and elsewhere doing nothing but fanning the war flames.

As Dan Akroyd sez:
...we’ve got to support those young men and women who are out there protecting our big, fat, bloated lifestyle.”

Like Michael Fitzsimmons, I'm pushing myself away from the dinner table and saying, "No more Jello pudding for me, ma."

If the FVMB wants to reach out to me, bring. it. on. I got somethin' to say to them.


At 8:22 PM, Blogger tas said...

So, speaking of sexy blogger pics, is that you with the bullhorn? ;> My entry into the contest was a complete joke, though now that I was an official contestant, I'm rather disappointed that I didn't receive a single vote. I was hoping to get at least one. A female frind of mine looked at the guy who won and said, "He looks gay. And not in the loving men way, but just 'ghey.'" I'm not sure if that makes things worse or not. ;>

Anyways... What the fuck is up with this Desperate Housewives show? I never heard of it before that whole Monday Night Football incident last week. And still, I had no clue what it was until they appeared on the cover of Newsweek. I browsed over the article (you had little bios of the characters and such, so I'm sure this was in no way an advertisment, just an objective news piece on a TV show since everything in the world is going so well, our media just has nothing else to tak about right now), and noticed that all the characters were supposed to be 40 something. I looked at the cover again and was like, "Wow, I never wanted to bang so many supposed 40 year olds in my life." When did 40 start looking like 22?

But still, I had NO clue what the show was about (I couldn't bring myself to read the article) until I saw a clip on Good Morning America of this fake death and realized it was a soap opera.

And now I hear that 27 million people are watching it? Instead of paying attention to what's really happening in their country and their world?

I'm moving to fucking Europe...

At 9:45 AM, Blogger Capitola said...

Hey Tas--

Now I feel badly. I shoulda cast a ballot your way. Not one vote? Sad, that :-) I thought you looked a lot like Jack Black, whom I adore, one-finger salute especially.

Nope, that's not me with the bull-horn. That's Sun Green from Neil Young's rock opera, Greendale. As the song with her namesake goes, "she's hot enough to burn the house down." I know every man in the audiences I saw across the US (I did the groupiethingy, saw the show in several states from the Front. Fucking. Row (Love Neil!) found Sun's charms, um, quite charming. I dig her 'tude. During the course of the show, she goes from good-girl to militant-girl, shedding her blue-jeans for cammies, and fighting corporate corruption and Bush's war. If you like Neil Young and Crazy Horse, you gotta check out the Greendale DVD; included is a taping of the Red Rocks, Arizona, show, and it fucking ROCKS. The theatrics and dancers and actors groovin' to Neil are cool, too :-)

Desperate Housewives. Ugh. I don't watch commercial teevee (I'm a cable freak) and haven't seen DH, but like you, I'm aghast that 27 million people are *completely* into it. Freaks!

heh. Chicks with missle dicks. We blue-staters *are* the nation's trend-setters, dontcha know. If the strap-on fits...


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