Thursday, November 11, 2004

Red State Literature

Or, He Won!

A Man of Values, Resolve and Curge.
Qualities Oft-Repeated,
Ill-Defined, Perhaps,
not Actually Lived
but Ever Scenting
the Brave White Wings
that fanned the Wind
of Heartland's Moral Hooey.

- from an upcoming [book] celebrating the rigged election as a triumph of Republican morality over plodding Democratic values like "jobs", "education" and "health care."

(Blurb Review)

- who knows what the fuck it means, people like hearing it. (Soundbytes Weekly, a division of Memetronics Digest, "When you want it said fast and catchy!")

- Stick a burning cross in us, we're done. (Conservative Quarterly)

Order in time for XMas. When you hate enough to give the very best...


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