Thursday, November 11, 2004

Pass The Bucket

YT's gonna barf. The Preznit's inauguration plans are making me sick:
When President Bush (news - web sites) takes his second oath of office Jan. 20 it will be his family's fifth inauguration ceremony, a day of pomp and pageantry set amid the icons of democracy only this city can provide: the U.S. Capitol, the White House, Pennsylvania Avenue.


With 21-gun salutes, fancy-dress balls and tighter-than-ever security, the day will resemble nothing so much as a coronation.


Among those traditions are: a preinaugural church service for the incoming president and first lady, a congressional escort to the Capitol for the public swearing-in, a presidential inaugural address that sets forth a vision for the new term, a luncheon in the Capitol's famed Statuary Hall and a 1.7-mile procession along Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House before a massive, cheering crowd.

Massive crowd? Probably. But not everyone will be cheering.


At 12:02 AM, Blogger tas said...

Massive, cheering crowd my ass. I was in DC for his inaugration in 2000, and there were by far more protesters than Bush fans in the streets. Thousands of us poured through the barricades that the anarchist Black Bloc had broken through and we lined Pennsylvania Ave. But do you ever hear about that on the news?

I hate the fucking media.


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