Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Hello, Rawstory?

Can you please tell me why this freak, this Christopher Adamo's blog is hosted by Kevin J. Burt of 5126 Penny Lane, Cheyenne, Wyoming? ...That's Kevin Burt (R) Representative of Wyoming's House District 09. What's their hookup?

Seems Mr. Burt, this paragon of red-state values, likes to frequent Wyoming and share his thoughts... that is when he's not busy hosting right-wing hate speech. To date, he's 65 posts under his belt. Here's one he finds amusing:

Today, President Bush called for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

He wants to ban Democrats.

The President said that it was unnatural for people to be Democrats or even act democratic. He stated that nowhere in the Bible was there any mention of Democrats and/or their perverted fair and free life styles.

The President feels that if Democrats are allowed to exist, they will continue to want to have opinions and be involved in the business of the government. He said that the Democrats keep demanding honesty, accountability and, to quote the President, "all that other silly stuff that gives me a rash on my you know what."

The President has been hinting that he was against Democrats for some time, but now that he sees the very good possibility that a Democrat could best him in the 2004 election, he feels it is time to take a stand.

When questioned about his decision on this matter, Bush told reporters that he sees Democrats and a democratic government as being the biggest obstacles in his quest for his very own kingdom. He said it was because of Democrats that he has had to waste so much of his time hiding from the truth. The President seems to feel that if all Americans were Republicans, he could just do exactly as he pleased and never have to worry about covering up any and all of his activities.

Bush cited as an example the questions about his time served in the Guard. The President said that if it were not for Democrats and all their questions, he could be declared a Viet Nam war hero too. He pointed out that the only reason Sen. Kerry is considered a hero is because Democrats have called him one.


And then there's his lovin' of big dick Cheney's man date:

49. Appointed a Vice President quoted as saying "If you want to do something about carbon dioxide emissions, then you ought to build nuclear power plants." (Vice President %@!#$& Cheney on "Meet the Press.")

Trusting you and your source that Cheney did, in fact, say this - it happens to be true. Very true. I thank Bush for permitting me the opportunity to vote for such a man for vice president.

[snip. ed. note: now for the obligitory 'screw the environment'...]

I think we should drill in ANWR, too.

And of course, Scandal wouldn't be complete if the two elephants weren't in the same house. That's some livingroom, eh?

Pics. We. Want. Pictures. Are Burt and Adamo lovers? Why's Burt hosting Adamo's blog? What's the payoff? Monetary? Sexual oooooo la la!?

RawStory, I need you.


At 8:14 PM, Blogger Joe said...

I found myself in disbelief reading Adamo's article. Disbelief. It is such a perverse and highly specialized view of the world which also happens to be destructive and hateful. And I need to be reminded once in a while that these people are sick. Not evil. Just lost, terribly lost, in a made-up fantasy world of heroes and goodness andfear and isolation and right and wrong and... well, we all live in our own worlds. But they take their's so seriously. And they know how to use guns.

I wanted to post a reply, but that would have meant registering for Free Republic and, well, I just ain't ready for that.

At 1:44 PM, Blogger Capitola said...

My problem with *them* isn't that they're sick, which, clearly they are and as you noted, have GUNS, but that they are also in positions of influence and power. 99% of the time these holier-than-blue-staters are "moral" hypocrites, preaching "values" while fucking their best-friend's wife or robbing the donation basket to buy crack, and I want more than Prada for Christmas to see them exposed for the two-faced phonies that they are. whew!

I wrote to RawStory about Adamo and Rep. Burt. What's a House Representative doing as the Registrar, Administrative Contact, Technical Contact and Billing Contact for Christopher Adamo's website? Adamo's a nut; what's Burt's relationship to Adamo?

This inquiring mind wants to know. The more scandalous the answers, the better!

Don't damage your brain by responding to posts at the freepers' site. Our side needs you well :-) Plus, we are as alien to them as they are to us, and the moderator is as tolerant to progressive rebuttal as the right is to Gay marriage. Read them to remind yourself what we normals are up against. Be glad you can 'click out' at will :-)

Thanks for stopping by, Joe.

At 3:17 AM, Blogger tas said...

Did you check out Adamo's picture at the bottom of his blog? He just looks like he molests children.


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