Wednesday, November 24, 2004


So I'm reading The Site That Shall Not Be Linked because it hurts my head to do so, and I come across this cess pool wherein I'm told about "Kay Daly. A blond, 38-year-old Virginia woman who describes herself, with disingenuous self-deprecation, as a 'stay-at-home mom.'"

Seems this Kay Daly chick gives head to a four-year-old winger group called Coalition for a Fair Judiciary, with the stated goal of getting evangelicals on the highest bench.

In a word: Cunt.

Daly is already sounding the conservatives’ post-election battle cry -- and, in the process, she’s offering an early glimpse of the GOP’s plan to use judicial issues as a wedge in the run-up to the midterms. Her pitch is based on a standard-issue set of distortions and coded-references to East and West Coast elites: Democratic senators who oppose Bush’s nominations are merely doing the bidding of liberal groups, like People for the American Way, who are funded by a shadowy consortium of trial lawyers, unions, and Hollywood celebrities.

And green tea drinkers, oh my! Quick, someone call Candy Cowley, alert the mediawhores!

Surfing around the internets, looking for an embarrassing photo of Daly to caption and mock till hell froze over, I came across an op ed she wrote for the non-paying, unimpressive, any-hack-will-do-website-for-obscure-winger-rants:

Dear Ms. Heinz-Kerry:

At first, I thought you were nothing more than an interesting side note to the Kerry campaign. A bit of comic relief, if you will. Heaven knows, the country could use it after watching the painful machinations of your husband as he desperately tries to explain his ever-shifting positions on every policy issue imaginable.

It is time, however, for you to put down the gin-soaked raisins and smell the coffee. Let me say this as clearly as I know how: Motherhood IS a full time job. Despite you and your fellow feminists' best efforts to belittle stay-at-home moms, we manage more in an hour than many folks do in an entire day.

Multi-tasking? We invented it, sister. We are managers, psychologists, physicians, chefs, teachers, pastors, physical therapists, personal shoppers, nutritionists, interior decorators, chauffeurs, cruise directors, financial advisors, housekeepers and seamstresses - and that's before lunch.

It may surprise you to know that there are stay-at-home moms who have PhDs, J.D.'s, MBAs and other advanced degrees. But this is a choice that we have made. We recognize that our self-worth is not inexorably linked to our careers. In fact, we made the discovery long ago that our legacy is our children. My tombstone is not going to read "She wrote really great press releases" - it will say "Wife and Mother" and that is an awful lot more to live up to.

And there are many of us who are stay-at-home moms who have managed to have careers while we are at home. That's right, it may come as a shock to feminists who are busily devaluing home and family, but it is no longer necessarily an "either-or" option. Technology allows for telecommuting and many careers now are not bound by the old-fashioned notion of physical presence in an office and a 9-to-5 mentality.

You made your money the old-fashioned way, Ms. Heinz-Kerry - you married it. And while there is nothing at all wrong with having money, there is a certain separation.

Huh. And here I thought "motherhood" was about raising kind, caring, honest, and free of hatred children. I had no idea that being a fucking snide bitch was the God Lover's way to raise kiddies. Kay-I'm-a-good-Christain-so-fuck-off's Kerry bashing goes on, and I had to laugh at her womanlove for Laura Bush -- that pillar of goodness who reads to kids and kills her boyfriend.

Isn't there something in some book that sez thou shalt not kill, and blessed be the peacekeepers?

Update 5:39pm: Salon's War Room pulls back the curtains on the Daly Family's Department of Values:

Sargent shines a light on Daly's rather intriguing background as a young GOP operative, alongside her husband Jack Daly, an attorney with the U.S. Department of Labor:

"The Dalys represent a picture-perfect Republican union -- their second son's middle name is 'Reagan' -- and are fierce partisan warriors who are not afraid to get their hands dirty on behalf of client or party. Jack Daly threw waffles at candidate Bill Clinton during a campaign stop in Winston-Salem in 1992. And last spring, in the midst of a nasty Republican congressional primary in North Carolina, the Dalys were accused of sending out fictitious e-mails to Christian voters about a rival of Kay Daly's candidate, in which a character named 'Pastor Randy' falsely alluded to a variety of lurid criminal charges against the rival. Kay Daly has denied involvement."

Will someone get pictures of these people in a menage-a-quatre or snap them kicking a dog or pushing an old lady, asap?! YT would love to see these 'patriots' turning on the spit.

Calling all Political Paparazzi. I. Want. Pics. Do it for your country, man.


At 11:36 AM, Blogger Joe said...

You're hilarious! From reading one post, I've decided to link to you. Congrats!

I guess stay-at-home moms have no problem sending their kids away to die in a war so fat christians can get rich. Elnlightening.


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