Monday, November 08, 2004

Fate in 08

Everyone's speculatin' .... who'll run for the White House in 08? Ezra bunks the obvious: Hillary and Richardson and Vilsack, or, as YT calls them: NoWay, NoHow, and Sadsack.

Mark Warner of Virginia, though, is "interesting":

Warner, to me, is the most interesting wildcard. He's wildly popular in Virginia, a state that Democrats would could conceivably move into their column. He boasts an excellent, bipartisan record, having united the state to successfully weather a towering fiscal crisis. He's a former businessman and will probably enjoy significant support (read: fundraising) in the tech and entrepeneurial community, not to mention the positive narrative business leaders always get. He's a committed, solid Democrat and won't suffer the "Lieberman affliction" Bayh will soon be experiencing. His only major drawback is that he raised taxes, but I don't know too much about how that's been received. Truth is, Warner's something of an enigma to me, but a promising one, and I'd love to hear from Pandagoers with impressions of the guy.

Take a look:

Mark Warner has the hair, the Kennedy-like jaw, he has the blue-jean manly bulge, he's a friend of the working man, he's black-religious-folk friendly, he's a sportsman, he has the bus, and he wears his patriotism on his head.

Do the dems need a southerner at the top of the ticket to win the south and ultimately win back the White House from the Rethugs? Kos sez that's bullshit. But I think so. Team Kerry wrote off the south and look what happened. Face it, folks. Southerner's don't vote outside their region. Period. If we have to 'reach out' to red-state southerners, it'd be a helluva lot easier with a "wildly" popular democrat who has the inside track and the wind at his back.


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