Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Arnold For Prez?

YT has just one question for these people: Have you completely lost your minds?!

They have plans, big plans!
Year 1:
AmendforArnold rises to 1 million members. AmendforArnold teams in walking, running and cycling events around the country. Launch the first of our annual marches on every capitol in the 50 states plus territories. Hold our first march in D.C.

Year 2:
AmendforArnold rises to 10 million members. Expand to have AmendforArnold teams in EVERY walking, running and cycling event around the country. Hold our second annual march on every capitol in the 50 states plus territories. Hold our second march in D.C., bigger and better than our first!

Year 3:
We mount a Million-Human March on Washington, D.C. - this is to encourage the House and Senate to pass the Amendment.

Year 4:
Our members stage an Olympic-torch style relay around the United States to secure the required 38 states' ratification of the Amendment.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and answer my own question. Yes!

Memo to Lissa: We've enough dicks on Capitol Hill, thanksverymuch.

UPDATE 11/17/04 -- YT Gets Mail Edition:

So I wrote to Lissa and expressed my admiration for her enthusiasm to get Arnie on the ballot sometime in her lifetime but that I also questioned her mental health in engaging in said undertaking, in light of these 'moral' and 'values' times. I asked how she thought the bible-thumping red staters would take to a man whose penis is plastered all over the internets, holding the nation's higest office? The man, not the penis. Was AmendforArnold scamming people who donate $10 toward the constitutional amendment in his name because a President Arnold-I-love-orgies-and-naked-women-sitting-atop-my-shoulders would never in a million years happen? They don't call him the Gropinator for nuttin', honey.

They respond:

Dear Capitola,

Thank you for your recent inquiry.


What ever happened to a good old Fuck You? Times, they are a'changin'


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