Wednesday, October 20, 2004

To Whom It May Concern

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Daugherty respond to Mary Jacoby's Salon feature Revolt in the Ranks:
We are the proud and scared parents of a son that will be in Iraq until 2006. Four years ago we voted for Bush. This time we'll be voting for Kerry.

Shortly after 9/11, our son, Paul, dropped an athletic college scholarship to defend his country against terrorism. He believed, as we did, the tales told by Bush about weapons of mass destruction and the link of 9/11 to Iraq. Now we know the truth.

Our son has just served a year on the DMZ in Korea and will now be in Iraq until 2006.

We believe that a president should always go to war as the last resort. President Bush jumped into the war on the assumption that Iraq may attack the USA and that they maybe had WMD and that they maybe were linked to 9/11. We don't trust Bush anymore. He's an arrogant, "bring 'em on," "go it alone," little mad cowboy! My son the soldier respects Kerry because he has served his country in combat and Kerry tells us the truth.

For the sake of our son and all the men and women in the military, we beg you to please vote for Kerry. He is a man of diplomacy, respect and maturity that can work with our allies to plan for peace.

Support our Troops. Vote Kerry.


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