Thursday, October 28, 2004


Politics. Is. Freaking. Me. Out.

For Salon's Cary Tennis, the letters started arriving in August.

Instead of asking about unfaithful husbands and drug-addicted boyfriends, people started asking, Should I commit election fraud to ensure Bush's defeat? Should I leave the country if he is reelected? Why am I so utterly out-of-my-head about politics? Am I insane?

I didn't have answers to these questions. I needed time to think. But the election is now nearly upon us. So last week I put out a call for letters.
Cary's ebox was bombarded:

Is politics freaking me out? You better believe it. I can't read too many Salon articles at once or I can't sleep at night. I have a mental shortlist of countries where I might like to live. I have already planned to have a box of tissues available on Election Night. I keep consoling myself with the idea that there are social and political cycles and damned if we aren't in the middle of one, and "This too shall pass." [snip] -- Lisa Wright

I've been voting for over two decades and I've never been this frazzled over an election. I wake up every morning frightened that Bush will be reelected. I just can't take another four years of him, his henchmen Cheney and Rumsfeld, and his supporters, especially the evangelicals.


I feel I need some kind of plan to cope if Bush gets reelected. Medication, perhaps. I will surely need to do a lot of yoga. Maybe a support group. I don't know. I just want it to be over and Bush to be gone. -- Julia Shure

It's true, politics is completely freaking me out. I have shingles. I am 30 years old, in otherwise fine health, and I have shingles. This election has totally taken over my brain: I read all the news reports and polls. I update everyone around me constantly with whatever news I learn, and the thing is, they are already just as embroiled in it as I am. I watched all of both conventions, the debates, and the spin that followed. I believe this country is in serious trouble and really the state of the world and its future is in the balance. [snip] -- Maggie Vail

What really disturbs me is when I am driving and I see Bush/Cheney bumper stickers, I actually have to remind myself that while ramming into the back of the SUV would be wholly satisfying, it would hurt me physically and throw my financial life into chaos -- two things I can ill afford in this political atmosphere. -- Underemployed and Uninsured

Thank you, Jeebus. YT is not alone. Politics is freaking out a lot of people. Not just me. Or Atturk. Or Atrios. Or Kos. Or Loaded Mouth. Or the fine folks at First Draft. Or any of the other millions of lefty Americans who've bet the farm on this fight, this mother of all elections.

YT's been stressin'. Can't sleep. Can drink. Can't eat. Can drink. Can't hardly blog. Can drink. Whatsa militant blonde to do?

Rage against the machine, good.
Apathy, bad.


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