Tuesday, October 19, 2004

No Regrets

In response to David Brooks' latest excuse for dirtying up otherwise clean computer screens, NY Michael at AMERICAblog kinda-sorta agreed with the over-paid scribe, that Kerry's brass-knuckle responses to the Bush Slime Machine's sucker-punches, were "fear-mongering" and "scattered" and that,
Brooks is right. You don't beat the Republicans by fighting just as sleazily. You beat them with sober facts and calm, consistent leadership.
YT respectfully disagreed. We've two weeks to go. This ain't no fucking Congeniality Contest.

YT has no regrets for saying harsh truths. If a smackdown is good enough for the next First Lady, it's good enough for everyone.

Teresa Heinz Kerry says she doesn't regret any of the remarks she's made during the campaign season, although she concedes that some of her comments didn't always come out exactly the way she intended.

"I have not said very much at all except people repeat it but what I have said, I meant to say," Heinz Kerry said Tuesday during an appearance on the daytime talk show "The View."


"My intent and my expression is real, but the actual use of the words may be out of place," she said.

Heinz Kerry also said undecided voters should favor her husband in the presidential race "because he's an optimist, because he likes ideas, he likes complexity."

She said her husband is decisive, even if he sometimes spends too much time deliberating.

"Anybody who went to war and stayed alive and protected a whole bunch of men and they stayed alive can do well," she said. "He maybe deliberates a little longer than he likes, but deliberation is not a sin in a complex world, I don't think. And he does take action and he does believe in public service."

She concluded by saying, "If I had to be in a foxhole, I'd like to be with John Kerry."

Me too.


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