Saturday, October 16, 2004

Kerry By 5-1

It's official. The New York Times is givin' its love to John Kerry:
Senator John Kerry goes toward the election with a base that is built more on opposition to George W. Bush than loyalty to his own candidacy. But over the last year we have come to know Mr. Kerry as more than just an alternative to the status quo. We like what we've seen. He has qualities that could be the basis for a great chief executive, not just a modest improvement on the incumbent.

We have been impressed with Mr. Kerry's wide knowledge and clear thinking - something that became more apparent once he was reined in by that two-minute debate light. He is blessedly willing to re-evaluate decisions when conditions change. And while Mr. Kerry's service in Vietnam was first over-promoted and then over-pilloried, his entire life has been devoted to public service, from the war to a series of elected offices. He strikes us, above all, as a man with a strong moral core.

Editor and Publisher has the down low:
They weren't exactly giant surprises, but Senator John Kerry will take them, picking up two more major editorial endorsements on Sunday, this time from The Minneapolis Star-Tribune in swing state Minnesota and The New York Times, which has national impact. Both papers used unusually harsh language in attacking the incumbent.

In E&P's exclusive daily endorsement tally, this gives Kerry a 15-13 edge on President Bush but widens his margin in the combined circulation of the papers that back him from 3-1 to nearly 5-1, with an edge of about 4 million to 850,000.

Many more endorsements are expected on Sunday.

We're going global. I see Mars, bitches.


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