Monday, October 04, 2004

*cracking knuckles*

Now, where was I...

Oh. Yes! I was basking in the glow of Bush's very public, very embarrassing dog and pony on national, indeed international, television. I'd like to thank the members of the academy, er, the media, for prolonging my happiness these past few days by repeating over and over and over on every station provided by Sacramento's Comcast Cable Company just how awful Bush did in debate #1. The Freepers are Freaking and I'm lovin' it.

My liquor cabinet's fully stocked for Friday night's Town Hall. Not Bush's forte, answering non-scripted, unapproved, Jesus-speaks-through-you-Herr leader-type non-question questions. Sure, John Kerry's been surrounded by admirers at his campaign events, but never once was anyone forced to sign a loyalty oath to attend his rallies and many times he's had to face off with heckling Bush party crashers. Kerry's got the edge -- again. Three cheers for another Bush meltdown.

Now then....tomorrow night. The John Edwards vs. Darth Vader political death match. Mr. Sunshine vs. The Scowl. Mr. Hope and Prosperity vs. The Smearmeister. This is the debate I've been waiting for. Halliburton's war profiteering, Cheney's six-figure deferred comp, WMD lies, links to Al Queda lies, I want it all laid out on the slab for everyone to ID, with no li'l Russ letting shit slide, no Fox News Yes Men nodding unquestioningly. I want Red Meat, John. Red. Meat. I want Cheney calling for Elizabeth, if you know what I mean.

Pretty please.


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