Wednesday, October 20, 2004

And The Winner is....

Yesterday Salon held a captioning contest, and the subject was thus:

Surprise! Turd Blossom isn't well liked.
One reader, recalling that old joke about a hundred lawyers going over a cliff, suggests: "A good start." Another channels Creedence Clearwater Revival: "Big wheel keep on turnin'." A respondent who values brevity offers "one word, baby: justice." And a day-dreaming writer asks, "Why do I always wake up before the good part?"

There were topical jokes: "There must be a flu shot around here somewhere." There were typical jokes: "Wheels come off Bush campaign." And there were strategy jokes: "Stay the course! Everything's fine," and "Hey, watch me divert more media attention away from the fact that we lost three straight debates." There were state-of-the-race jokes: "If the Supreme Court won't stop John Kerry, I will!" Digs at Republican campaign tactics: "Abandoning his earlier 'loyalty oath' requirement, Bush now sifts true supporters from would-be hecklers by asking them to lay down on runways as Air Force One lands." And, of course, there were jokes about whatever that was on Bush's back: "OK, Mr. President, just roll the plane forward a bit and we'll press this bulge out of the back of your jacket."

But we're not living in a Sept. 10th world anymore. We all know what it takes to win the war on terror, and a whole lot of you knew exactly what it would take to win this caption contest. That's right: "Let's roll."

A post that slams Rove and has NC (that's Neil Content to the unawares), Kerry's up in the electoral college -- good morning all!


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