Monday, September 13, 2004

Why Does John F. Kerry Love America?

YT is in awe of John F. Kerry. Here is a man who volunteered for two tours of duty in VietNam, was awarded five medals for bravery and heroism, fought to end that horrific war when he returned stateside, became a prosecuter for the People, spent 20 years in the Senate fighting for the People, fighting for our service men and women, and who again is reporting for duty as he and his nation are under vicious attack by war criminals and corporate frauds in the White House who make Richard M. Nixon and his crooked administration look like Saints.

Why does John F. Kerry love America enough to fight for it against all odds, again?

Because John F. Kerry is a Patriot. Because he is the real deal.

A patriot stands up to killers and publicly denounces atrocities.
A patriot stands up to thugs and calls a liar a liar.
A patriot stands up to bullies and reveals their true cowardice.
A patriot stands up to media incompetence and holds it accountable.
A patriot stands up for himself against all threats, foreign and domestic.
A patriot does not go quietly into the night.

Should John F. Kerry not prevail in November, We, the People, will not be patriots. We, the People, will be traitors, complicit in our corrupt government's ruination of our country, indeed, the world.

Get up. Stand up. Don't just wish for change. Make change happen. Act now. Only We, the People can remove Bush from office. Do something for the Kerry/Edwards campaign. YT is. Volunteer locally. Volunteer nationally. Change, it's what's for better.

One man. One day. Eighty-Three signs. He's doing his part, are you?


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