Tuesday, September 07, 2004

What Goes Around

Comes around. Tit for tat. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Payback's a Bitch. Here's hoping Ms. Kelley's book gets the same media attention the SCLM gave the SwiftLiars' Unfit For Command.

Texans For Truth have also entered the fray:
Texans for Truth, established by the 20,000-member Texas online activist group, DriveDemocracy.org, has produced a 0:30 second television advertisement, "AWOL." The ad features Robert Mintz, one of many who served in Alabama's 187th Air National Guard -- when Bush claims to have been there -- who have no memory of Bush on the base. In other words, Bush failed to fulfill his military duty while others were dying in Vietnam.

And if the above 1, 2 punch doesn't knock Rove on his fat ass, Ben Barnes' 60 Minutes II interview might just do the trick.


At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armtornoff is proud to report:

Matt Drudge Previews Kitty Kelley Bio: GEORGE BUSH COKEHEAD, Laura Bush Killer
by Pablo Kristophoros 1:31pm Tue Sep 7 '04 (Modified on 12:31pm Wed Sep 8 '04) article#45763

Kitty Kelley's new book, due out Sept. 14, will reveal that George W. Bush used cocaine at Camp David during his father's presidency. This was revealed by a sneak preview provided by *right*-wing megablogger Matt Drudge http://www.drudgereport.com from the Mirror newspaper website (UK). The book also reveals how a meet between Laura Bush and her boyfriend (below) turned violent and fatal, for him, as she rammed his subcompact car at 50 mph (shades of "Fried Green Tomatoes"). (article 1)

The scorched-earth celebrity biographer who revealed Sinatra's mother performed coathanger abortions and Lady Di was a pushover, is set to demolish George W. Bush and possibly his father's entire dynasty with the Sept. 14 release of the Bush Family biography, pictured below.
Look for it in bookstores Sept. 14: Red (Kitty Kelley books are massively read, a million copies each); White (the dirt's all there in black and white); and Blue (what it'll make the Bushes).

The biography is obviously unauthorized.
It reveals how Laura Bush killed her high school boyfriend (she also went to school with Gen. Tommy Franks), was never charged, and has never acknowledged it.

It reveals alleged sex offenses against minors by Dubya's father.

It reveals the use of the White House by male hookers under Poppy Bush.

It reveals Bush's evil plans for YOU (details of which you will have to get elsewhere), which should alarm you.

It reveals crooked business deals by every member of the Bush clan, including the oh-so-holy first lady, Laura "Round Heels" Bush.

It reveals how former first lady Babs Bush is almost a practicing witch -- how she humiliated an old family friend in Texas, Jimmy Allison.

It reveals how Dubya has had a very special friend in the mayor of a Tennessee city, who has has cohabited the Texas ranch many times.
It reveals how Dubya got the nickname "Lips" in college.
It reveals how the ANG was planning a "blanket party" for Dubya, the real reason he went AWOL.

It reveals the details of embarassing photographs of Bush that actually caused U.S. Govt. agents to perpetrate the anthrax mailings to destroy the building of National Enquirer and kill photo editor Stevens.

It reveals how you can get surprisingly close to America's Darth Vader.

It reveals the incredible relationship between Dubya and some famous televangelists.

It reveals intimate details gleaned from persons close to Bush in Crawford, Texas.

It reveals the filth of Bush's ancestors, the most shocking family in US history.

It reveals how Bush plans additional wars for oil, under the pretense of fighting terrorism and defending Israel -- these are just pretenses, the real reason is we are running out of oil.

It reveals Dubya's Oedipus complex with Babs, his love/hate relationship with his father, some surprising medical details about Dubya, including an explanation of why he is so burnt out.

It reveals the little-known relationship between Laura and Gen. Tommy Franks.

It reveals how Dubya's dad got the nickname "Rubbers" from Congressional colleagues.

It reveals how the Bushes plotted to kill Ronald Reagan and put Poppy Rubbers in the White House.

It reveals the involvement of Bush Sr. in the Colombia and South America drug trade.

It reveals Dubya's participation in the sexual/occult Rites of Onan and the Skull and Bones at Yale University.

It reveals who runs Bush, and it is not Round Heels.

It reveals murders committed by the Bush family.

It reveals why George W. Bush, as heir to the Bush Dynasty, is the greatest threat the US and the world has ever faced.

This book makes Fahrenheit 9/11 look like pablum. It is real raw meat.
Books have more impact on society than movies: They are in circulation longer and they obtain more commitment from the buyer/reader.
They pack more ideas and they are still the handiest portable media with the easiest information access.


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