Wednesday, September 01, 2004

NY Ain't No Boston

Great minds think alike. Michael Scherer at Daily MoJo and Capitol Banter's very own Armtornoff are wondering wtf?:
The Republican National Convention has an Olympic problem -- thousands of empty seats that shine blue, burgundy and toothpaste green out from the hall, draining away enthusiasm at first sight and making life hard for cameramen. Did the GOP not send out the tickets? Even the delegates appeared to be missing Monday night. Where was Vermont? What explained all the open real estate in South Carolina? Was Idaho having a party uptown?

There's an aura of weirdness about this convention. It's different from last month's Democratic show in Boston. Something's missing. The aging, cavernous Garden overwhelms everything and everyone in it. The energy seems sapped; the crowd roar dissipates too quickly. The stage seems much smaller, the light brighter, less flattering; the threat of a balloon avalanche less ominous. Even the podium looks out of place, a stacked sculpture of stained wood that reminded me of a synagogue bema or a Baptist pulpit.

On the first night in Boston, Bill Clinton had sucked every bit of air out of the FleetCenter. The journalists packed their risers; the nosebleed seats overflowed. You couldn't carry on a conversation.

It's true. The DNC party goers were loud, proud, and looked like winners. The RNC hillbills and hilljills look like Michael Moore described, "forming an L with thumb and forefinger, calling the entire Republican Party a bunch of losers."

All they have is 9/11, fear the terra-ists, and Kerry-bashing. Can't talk about Iraq. Can't even fucking mention Bin Laden! Can't talk about the economy. Can't talk about health care. Can't talk about gay marriage.

Turn out the lights, the party's over.


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