Thursday, September 09, 2004

Memogate II: The Undoing of George W. Bush

The Washington Post isn't happy with Team Bush. Seems they don't like getting their chains yanked. Check out today's front page headline:

Records Say Bush Balked at Order

Red Meat Thursday:

President Bush failed to carry out a direct order from his superior in the Texas Air National Guard in May 1972 to undertake a medical examination that was necessary for him to remain a qualified pilot, according to documents made public yesterday.

Documents obtained by the CBS News program "60 Minutes" shed new light on one of the most controversial episodes in Bush's military service, when he abruptly stopped flying and moved from Texas to Alabama to work on a political campaign. The documents include a memo from Bush's squadron commander, Lt. Col. Jerry B. Killian, ordering Bush "to be suspended from flight status for failure to perform" to U.S. Air Force and National Guard standards and failure to take his annual physical "as ordered."

George W. Bush is a coward and a liar and a wet-brain, and he failed to take the physical exam because of his drug abuse. Not because he was busy. Not because he had 'other priorities' like his Dick, er, Veep. But because he was fucked-up on drugs and would have failed the exam -- miserably -- just as he has failed miserably at everything he's ever done or attempted to do.

What struck YT last night while watching the 60 Minutes Ben Barnes interview, was how obvious it was that the Bush family used its influence to abuse the system so that their flaky, troubled, drug-addict son could avoid responsibility. And they're still doing it!

AA calls it enabling. The Bush family shoulda practiced a bit of Tough Love on George. You know, shape up or die; they shoulda ostracized him, and pinned a note inside his jacket noting the familial address so the coroner would know where to ship the body.

We, the People, would have been better served.


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