Thursday, September 30, 2004

Lambs To The Slaughter

I have one question I wish Jim would ask George tonight: How does slaughtering Iraqi children make America safer?

A series of bombs killed 35 children and seven adults Thursday as U.S. troops handed out candy at a government ceremony to inaugurate a new sewage treatment plant. Hours earlier, a suicide blast killed a U.S. soldier and two Iraqis on the capital's outskirts.

The bombs in Baghdad's al-Amel neighborhood caused the largest death toll of children in any insurgent attack since the conflict in Iraq began 17 months ago.

"The Americans called us, they told us, 'Come here, come here,' asking us if we wanted sweets. We went beside them, then a car exploded," said 12-year-old Abdel Rahman Dawoud, lying naked in a hospital bed with shrapnel embedded all over his body.

Two bombs went off in quick succession at the ceremony about 1 p.m., then were followed by a third explosion a short distance away, said Interior Ministry spokesman Col. Adnan Abdul-Rahman. He said there were two suicide car bombs and one roadside bomb; the Americans said all three were car bombs.

The explosions killed 42 people and wounded 141, including 10 U.S. soldiers. The wounded included 72 children under the age of 14, said Dr. Mohammed Salaheddin.

Enticing children to their deaths. Brought to you by Monsters R Us.

And Lynn Cheney has the fucking gall to make jokes about John Kerry's tan? I'm sure the dad in the above picture thinks she's real funny. Cunt.


At 3:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The entire Bush Family are nothing but monsters who have always fed on the blood of children. It's what keeps the Bushes alive. They need it like vampires. Laura Bush killed a child in front of that child's father in 1963. All of the Bushes have blood dripping from their fangs. The record of the Bush Family makes any decent person physically ill.



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