Friday, September 10, 2004

How Many Deaths?

Bob Herbert wants to know: How many deaths will it take before some Americans (Bush supporters) say no to the Republican Kool-aide and recognize that their guy's folly in Iraq has been a "catastrophe for the United States?"

Preznit aWol Posted by Hello

Eventually there'll be a fine memorial to honor the young Americans whose lives were sacrificed for no good reason in Iraq. Yesterday, under the headline "The Roster of the Dead," The New York Times ran photos of the first thousand or so who were killed.

They were sent off by a president who ran and hid when he was a young man and his country was at war. They fought bravely and died honorably. But as in Vietnam, no amount of valor or heroism can conceal the fact that they were sent off under false pretenses to fight a war that is unwinnable.


At some point, as in Vietnam, the American public will balk at the continued carnage, and this tragic misadventure will become politically unsustainable. Meanwhile, the death toll mounts.

Who will Bush allow to die next because of his mistakes? Your son? Your daughter? Your mother? Your father? Your niece? Your nephew? Your fiance? Your neighbor? Your friend?

Support our armed forces. Bring. Them. Home!


At 5:30 PM, Blogger Drunken Proletariat said...

Hi, Cap! I also read the "proof" that the material 60 Minutes used was an obvious forgery. I also read "Dick" Cheney's remarks about the Kerry-terra-attack-connection. Also, that pic you ran, "Ugly Bitches for Bush" has been shown everywhere by now, and is very famous, or infamous, actually. Every time the Repuglicans sink to a new low, where they can't possibly try to insult the intelligence of the American public any deeper, as their attacks and claims become ever more depraved, their supporters are always there to dream up the silliest, lame come-backs and "proofs" that even a die-hard consiracy type-holocaust-denyin,' Apollo Program debunker would surely find scurrilous in the extreme. Maybe they have higher standards of proof than your average blinkered, myopic, zombie-like, war loving Bush supporter. I've read that Bush has a big lead in the polls, and therefore Bush and his Christian Taliban have a good chance of election victory. Anyways, America is wide open for massive electoral fraud, and I have a feelin' that it won't favor JFK. But that's just a feelin'...

At 3:39 PM, Blogger Capitola said...

Backatcha DP! Your comments insightful and spot-on as always. I fear a revolution if Bush steals the election, er, wins. You know, like the crazed villagers in Frankenstein storming the castle to capture the monster.

Ugly Bitches For Bush. Ain't that the truth. Unfortunately for us, they don't make a band-aide big enough to cover her hideous self. Freaks I tell ya!

Nice to *see* you on the boards. Thanks, too, for all the article links and funnies you send me. Much enjoy.


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