Friday, September 17, 2004

He's *So* Out Of The Loop

Preznit Bush is at it again. Speaking:
"We didn't find the stockpiles we thought we would find, the stockpiles that everybody thought was there. But I do know, that he had the capability of making those weapons, and he could've passed that capability on to an enemy ... Knowing what I know today, I would've made the same decision," Bush said.

When he should be listening:
Iraq Study Finds Desire for Arms, but Not Capacity

WASHINGTON, Sept. 16 - A new report on Iraq's illicit weapons program is expected to conclude that Saddam Hussein's government had a clear intent to produce nuclear, chemical and biological weapons if United Nations sanctions were lifted, government officials said Thursday. But, like earlier reports, it finds no evidence that Iraq had begun any large-scale program for weapons production by the time of the American invasion last year, the officials said.


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