Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Elephant Season

So, August was a bad month for the next President of the USA. August was also the worst month for the US in Iraq. 1,100 soldiers were wounded; "the highest total since the invasion of the country 18 months ago. Attacks on US troops averaged more than 100 a day in August." As of this writing, 998 American soldiers have been killed.

You say, "But the polls..." YT sez, "forget the fucking polls. Remember: our guy practices the Mitch & Murray philosophy:

A. Always
B. Be
C. Closing

Sez David Wade, Kerry's traveling press spokesman:
"We want to crush these guys. They made an enormous mistake questioning the heart and the patriotism of John Kerry, and they'll pay for it for the rest of their lives."

Wade said the campaign will take what he called the "Sean Connery approach" to future attacks from the right. It was a reference to the advice Connery's character in "The Untouchables" gave about beating Al Capone: "If they pull out a knife, we'll pull out a gun," Wade said. "We will always be on the offense, every day."

Kerry and the coalition forces had a bad August. Bush is going to have a bad September, an awful October, and a fucked first week in November when Team Bush grinds to a stop coast to coast.

I believe.


At 1:56 PM, Blogger rorschach said...

1100 wounded in August, and total US military deaths hit 1000 today.

Blessed freedom!


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