Friday, September 17, 2004

Do The Lynndie

Loaded Mouth promotes Bad Gas' latest new craze: Doin' the Lynndie

Here are the basic instructions:

  • Find a victim who deserves to be "Lynndied".
  • Make sure you have a friend nearby with a camera ready to capture the "Lynndie".
  • Stick a cigarette (or pen) in your mouth and allow it to hang slightly below the horizontal.
  • Face the camera, tilt your upper body slightly forward but lean back on your right leg.
  • Make a hitchhiking gesture with your right hand and extend your right arm so that it's in roughly the same position as if you were holding a rifle.
  • Keeping your left arm slightly bent, point in the direction of the victim and smile.

    Ideally, you should refrain from telling the victim what you're about to do. Victims who are unaware, bemused or angry make for a Lynddie that is more in keeping with the original.

Poor taste. Don't leave home without it.


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