Thursday, September 09, 2004

Attack Attack Attack

In response to Team Bush's comments in a WaPo article that Herr Leader "may skip one of the three debates that have been proposed by the Commission on Presidential Debates and accepted by Sen. John F. Kerry (D-MA)," the Big Dog: sez:
Call a coward a coward until he's willing to meet you on open ground. Call the Cowards bluff and attack, attack, attack on the issues of courage of leadership and the moral courage to face critics in public! This man has demonstrated his moral cowardice by refusing to own up to the middle 20 years of his life.

John Kerry ought to start using this line of thought:

This elite, pampered prodigy of a man claims to be Texan. He even has a 'swagger'. He fails on a couple tests as one Westerner, myself, knows for sure:

A. No self-respecting Texan would ever be a gawdamn male CHEERLEADER at Yale! Jesus...a Texan, a Westerner, a Cowboy would die on an ant hill first! A gawdamn CHEERLEADER? Not hardly, pilgrim.

B. No self-respecting Texan, Westerner or Cowboy faced with an open challenge that measures your manhood, like a Town Hall debate or questions that aren't programmed and might be embarassing, would ever back down an inch. Not one damn inch. This is the state where 138 brave men died fighting an Santa Ana's Army of 5,500 because it was the right thing to do. How the hell does W think THOSE men feel about him calling himself a Texan when he can't even face a question much less real conflict? They must be spinning in their mass grave! George W. Bush is no Texan!

Embarass him, Senator! Embarass him to the point he reacts and shows that snotty, smirky self that comes through on camera so well. Embarass him to the point that he agrees to the debate! Make his cowardice the news story of the day, of the week...and don't stop until he's squarely in your sights, Senator!

Ooooooooooooh. Yes! Attack Bush's manhood. And his manliness. Whatever. YT'd love to see Kerry nail Bush to the cross that is his podium, though I'd settle for a Bush implosion on national tv.

Good dog.


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